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Episode #50

EP50 – 5 Excuses Holding you Back from Growing on Instagram We are live! (Well, we WERE live) In today’s episode, we’re sharing the recording of our live broadcast at the 2020 Xcelerate Summit, Central Read more…

Episode #49

EP49 – Our Gift to You – Intentional Visualization through the Inspired Door – Interview with The Heart Inspired Entrepreneur, Natalie Scott It’s the holiday season and we wanted to share a gift to all Read more…

Episode #48

EP48 – 4 Simple Tips To Improve Your Photos Instagram is a visual Medium to connect to your followers. So, can you guess what’s a really innovative way to attract more followers? It’s actually quite Read more…

Episode #46

We hear it often around this time of year… “what do you want for the holidays?” Have you given much thought to your wish list? As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are always looking for Read more…

Episode #47

EP47 – Being an Artist isn’t Cute. It’s a Business – Interview with Jane Monteith In today’s episode of Instagram for Business with The Social Focus, we are chatting with, Jane Monteith. Jane is an Read more…

Episode #45

EP 45 – Finding Your Why Shownotes What do the Wright Brothers, Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs all have in common? Their understanding of WHY in their business, their ideas and their dreams. Read more…

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Nat & Ang, Photographer & Social Stylist, created this podcast for all of you incredible, dream followers, in the midst of building your empires. We share educational pieces around business growth, social media strategies, and your social life. We put the “F” in Fun….. and in some other colourful words, while cheering on all of your goals, and empowering a community.

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