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Episode #41

EP41 – Creating Social Boundaries & Staying Safe When do we say the words, Social Boundaries; what comes to mind? For us, it is maintaining a separation between sharing too much of our personal lives Read more…

Episode #40

Welcome back to Instagram for Business with The Social Focus! In today’s episode, your co-host and Brand Photographer, Nat, is running the show solo. She dives into a really vulnerable story about her business. Her Read more…

Episode #39

EP39 – How this Brick & Mortar Business Pivoted During the Pandemic – with Meghan Muise When Meghan Muise and her Business Partner Lindsay Haley created Ripe Juicery; they had the vision to create a Read more…

Episode #38

EP38 – Nat & Ang’s Top Books for Business and Personal Development You know that feeling when you close a book and you feel inspired? What’s the first thing you do? We’re going to guess Read more…

Episode #37

EP37 Shownotes Whether online or offline, the same fears exist.  How do you learn to hone your skills and truly find and celebrate that inner confidence? In today’s episode, WE are in the hot seat! Read more…

Episode #36

5 Instagram Bio Updates to Attract More Customers In today’s episode, Nat and Ang chat about your Instagram Bio and why keep ingot up to date is one of the best strategies you can do Read more…

Episode #35

Welcome back to Instagram for Business with The Social Focus! In today’s episode, your co-host and Social Stylist, Ang; is on the mic solo and sharing what social styling is and how you can incorporate Read more…

Episode #34

At the helm of the popular blog Stems & Forks, Betty Binon takes a refined approach to share her three passions in life: flowers, cooking, and photography. Based in Toronto, Canada, she has built a Read more…

Episode #33

8 Ways Instagram in the New Business Card In today’s episode, Nat and Ang share 8 ways that Instagram is the new business card. If you think about it – your IG profile shares all Read more…

Episode #32

Here it is! A sneak peek Inside the Social Storytellers Community Live Q&A Coaching Session Every month, Nat and Ang host TWO Live Q&A Coaching sessions where members can submit their burning questions around business, Read more…

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Nat & Ang, Photographer & Social Stylist, created this podcast for all of you incredible, dream followers, in the midst of building your empires. We share educational pieces around business growth, social media strategies, and your social life. We put the “F” in Fun….. and in some other colourful words, while cheering on all of your goals, and empowering a community.

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