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Episode #20

EP20 – Criticism sucks… but it doesn’t have to In today’s episode, Nat & Ang are chatting about the ever-dreaded topic… criticism. They’ll be discussing the difference between criticism and critiques, their personal experiences with Read more…

Episode #19

How to use stock photos for social media show notes Should you be using stock images for social media? How many are too many? How can I still look like “me” and be authentic with Read more…

Episode #18

EP18 – Using Instagram to Land Your Dream Clients In today’s episode, Nat and Ang chat about the strategy for finding and landing your dream clients on Instagram. And one of the first things they Read more…

Episode #17

EP18 – Money Mindset with guest, Paula Wilimek Question 1 – Tell us more about yourself and what changes have taken place in your business? Paula explains that she has been in the financial industry Read more…

Episode #16

Ep16 – 1,000 Instagram Followers in 3 Months In today’s episode, Nat and Ang are celebrating a social media win… reaching 1,000 followers in less than three months! What’s the secret sauce? Well first off, Read more…

Episode #15

Nat & Ang address the word Perfect, and a world of perfectionism.And to be transparent, they begin recording and decide not to edit anything out. Nat believed that most likely everyone has a time in Read more…

Episode #14

In today’s episode, Ang takes the mic solo and shares her favourite pieces of equipment that she uses for social media. And no, it’s not just her cellphone.  There are so many tools out there Read more…

Episode #13

EP13 – The Niche, The Book Deal, and Your Wellness –Interview With Samantha Gladish Nat & Ang interview Samantha GladishHolistic Wellness Foodie. Samantha breaks down her journey how she was led down a path of Read more…

Episode #12

EP12 – Invested Success PT5 – Investing in a Membership Site –Interview with Gemma Bonham-Carter In today’s final episode in the Invested Success Series, Nat and Ang chat with Gemma Bonham-Carter. Gemma is a Digital Read more…

Episode #11

EP11 – Invested Success Pt4 – Interview with Kasey Boudreau Cellar 82 The Invested Success Series was created to educate you on the multitude of opportunities that are available to entrepreneurs everywhere. The question is, Read more…

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