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EP13 – The Niche, The Book Deal, and Your Wellness –
Interview With Samantha Gladish

Nat & Ang interview Samantha Gladish
Holistic Wellness Foodie.

Samantha breaks down her journey how she was led down a path of health and wellness. And comments that often health and wellness practitioners often come from a place of healing themselves first. From teaching kickboxing and Pilates, as well as working at a health food store. Each job moving her forward to leading her where she is today.

She talks about taking course after course. Thinking this is what would move her forward in Her career. But she wishes she had learned sooner that marketing was what she should have leaned into. Learning how to sell your business and finding new clients was most important at the beginning of creating this business.

Samantha believed in niching down early on. She was really clear on her journey wanting to focus on the hormone, thyroid, and weight loss. And in the niching down, her following and audience grew so much quicker. She educates and builds so much trust, and gives away everything.

Using social media as a place to see what her audience wants. They reach out and ask her questions. And she gears her programs on this. And pivoting is important. Listen to your audience and move into what they need from you.

The 30 Day Hormone Solution – which is Samantha’s new book which came out in December. Nat & Ang ask how this changed her career. Samantha feels this book deal came at the right time in her life. She knows it wouldn’t have been this successful at any other point of her path. Being an author definitely has elevated her credentials. Getting the book deal was actually quite simple. She was interviewed by the publishers. Although nerve-racking, it turned out great! And they were in, and willing to invest.

In Nat’s “seasoned age”, she asks Samantha to give her 3 best pieces of advice to a woman with hormonal issues.
listen to your body
Start to build your health team
Get Sleep

Right now she is offering an amazing program “The Metabolic Reset”! Changing the impact of food and stress on their bodies. Running the program for 2 years. And sooooo many success stories and testimonials have come back from past clients.

Samantha explains what a DUTCH test is. This allows her to customize programs for each woman.
It’s a dried urine test, that can be provided by a naturopathic doctor. It reviews your hormone metabolites. It can look at your cortisol levels and the sex hormones. And she explained why this is so important.

Samantha says “Don’t get so caught up on the scale and the weight”. And she respects this understanding. But health comes in so many forms. So get your health in order first, and eventually, the weight will change as well.

Samantha gives her health tips for the spring:
Get plants. It helps with your air and your mood.
Use natural cleaners in your home.
Get hydrating – pinch of sea salt in your water
Implement Balance and get seasonal vegetables and fruits into your daily diet

Samanthas morning ritual – plays for her cats for an hour, has her hydration drink, then has a warm drink (a tea, Americano, or elixir), then finishes things off with journaling. She does her workout at the end. And then starts her day

Her biggest failure was not listening to her gut, and honouring herself sooner.

Let’s put this episode into focus:
1 It’s ok to give away your best stuff.
2 Listen to your audience.
3 When you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody
4 Invest in marketing
5 Pay attention to what the body is saying to you
6 Build your health team
7 Get your sleep
8 Spring clean your health, by hydrating, using natural products, and bringing plants into the home.

To Reach out to Samantha Gladish
She can be found
IG – @holisticwellnessfoodie
Podcast – Healthy Hormones For Women Podcast

Twitter –https://twitter.com/imholistic
Website – www.holisticwellness.ca

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