Episode #14

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In today’s episode, Ang takes the mic solo and shares her favourite pieces of equipment that she uses for social media. And no, it’s not just her cellphone. 

There are so many tools out there that can make showing up on social media an absolute breeze. And when using social media to reach and connect with your audience for your business, it is so important to ensure you’re doing it in the best possible way. 

To start, you want to make sure your audience can hear you… and hear you well. Ang recommends investing in a mic for better audio when showing up on Instagram Stories, lives and IGTV. She snagged the Lavalier lapel mic from Amazon and it makes a world of difference in her audio. And for her styling tutorials, she’s added an audio extension cord so as she can keep a good distance from her iPhone camera while still delivering good audio. 

Her next piece of equipment that she shares is the selfie ring light. For under $15 the Efanr Selfie Ring Light is the perfect addition to highlighting when showing up on social media.  And it’s not just for selfies! The ring light fits right on to the smartphone and provides great lighting and illumination which comes in handy when the lighting just isn’t sufficient. 

And lastly, she shares her secret behind her smooth video… The Ailun Phone Tripod Mount makes recording video seamless and easy! It simply mounts the phone so as she can record handsfree AND eliminate shaky video! What’s even better is that the mount can attach to different pieces of furniture which allow for better angles when recording. 

Ang signs off the show by reminding you that making small investments in your business can make a BIG impact on how you are showing up on social media. 

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