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The Perfect Episode 1

Nat & Ang address the word Perfect, and a world of perfectionism.
And to be transparent, they begin recording and decide not to edit anything out.

Nat believed that most likely everyone has a time in their life when they feel like they need to be perfect. Especially as they begin their business. She tells a story about when she first started her business, she was young and trying to prove herself. So she tried to be someone else. A version she thought was perfect. Even down to photographing a wedding day, needing the perfect lighting etc. Instead of later in her career realizing letting things unfold was going to create better images. She would tell couples “a wedding day is a celebration of love, not a celebration of perfection”. 
Ang said to her couples on the wedding day something similar – “leave any expectations at the door. Don’t let one thing ruin your day”
And Ang resonates with Nat that she also felt like she needed to appear “perfect” as well. She realized being comfortable, feeling comfortable, was more important than looking perfect. Even down to vanity, looking perfect is just not as important as you think it is. 

What is perfect?
Your imperfect job is someone else’s perfect job!
Nat explains her process in the studio. For every hour of shooting, their post-production is 4 more hours. This could take a lot longer if we wanted it to. But it’s important to get it done. And never to make people look plastic.

Ang talks about a podcast we were interviewed on. Michelle Risi wore some Christian labouten shoes. And a young girl saw the photo and under the shoes, they were scuffed you. And this girl said “wow, she’s so real”, simply because her photos weren’t edited soooo perfectly!!

Ang talks about an article in Maclean magazine about “Influencers” trying time appear wealthy. Photoshopping in helicopters. Or renting them to stand by. Curating an account is, of course, important to look professional, but we don’t need to strive for the word perfect. 

Nat talks about fears people have of not having perfect images to post. Well, often those are the images that resonates most with their audience. 

Ang plus her course. Hahaha 
But explains that if she tried to make it perfect, she wouldn’t have ever put it out there and launched. And people mostly enjoyed the parts where she went live.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to tune in and listen. They could have been too worried to post some episodes due to the quality, and definitely not being perfect. But they went forward with them and learned. 

Nat talks about an episode of The Armchair Expert. And on an episode of Experts on Expert, they interviewed Adam Mosseri, the current CEO of Instagram. And how stories have grown because it’s where users are showing up more and more often. And this is where people are the most authentic version. Use stories, and it doesn’t need to be perfect!!!

Let’s put this episode into focus:
1 Your so-called imperfections maybe someone’s  perfect
2 Perfection, it’s an excuse 
3 The truth is people don’t want you to be perfect
4 Make imperfections your thing. Just one it.

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