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Ep16 – 1,000 Instagram Followers in 3 Months

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang are celebrating a social media win… reaching 1,000 followers in less than three months! What’s the secret sauce? Well first off, there are no sneaky tactics, no paid ads and no buying of followers. You heard that right. The ladies are spilling the beans on simple and practical ways that you can start to implement into your own growth strategy! This is one episode you don’t want to miss!

To start, Nat reveals that they had a goal in place from the beginning This is really important because, without a goal, you’re really just playing it safe. Setting a goal can help you maintain focus and have something to be accountable to. And when that goal is reached… well yeah, there is a lot of satisfaction. And spoiler alert – Nat and Ang also reveal that while reaching 1,000 followers is a big milestone; in the long run, it actually doesn’t matter. Find out why at the 3:13 and 3:38 mark. Ultimately, a goal is a good strategy for any business. Whether it reaches a certain amount of followers, creating your first IGTV or sending a dm to a potential client… just be sure t be clear on your vision. 

At the 3:30 mark, we suggest you take Nat’s advice and grab a bottle of wine because this where they ladies share their strategy and techniques they used to grow to 1,000 followers. 

To start, the ladies discuss numbers and how your followers don’t necessarily have to be a big number. Everyone’s target is different and ultimately, each individual business’s goal would be different based on the number of clients that they can actually serve. At 4:22, Ang gives a breakdown of the strategy behind choosing your social media goals. 

At 5:00 Nat and Ang reveal that there is no trickery behind their growth tactics. No paid ads and no buying of followers. Ang warns that those tactics are never a good idea when trying to grow your social media following. As an alternative, they share their first technique, which is having a CTA (call to action) by hosting a giveaway. Giveaways are great opportunities to engage with your audience and build on that audience through sharing and tagging. At the 6:35 mark, Ang goes into details on the strategy behind what to offer so as it is in alignment with your business. 

As the episode unfolds, Nat reveals their next strategy at 7:55 which involves posting regularly on their Instagram feed. She explains that consistency shows your audience that you are reliable. It is an opportunity to build trust. At 8:33 Ang dives deeper into the strategy around posting consistently on social media and poses the question, what is your ROI? Your return on investment that you desire will determine the amount of time and energy you put into growing your following. At 9:45 Nat shares some golden advice, referring to the best content to create as part of engaging and growing your audience. And some of it includes sharing educational quotes, inspirational posts and the odd drunken quarantine memes that are ever so popular right now. 

At 11:11 Ang declares Nat as (in her eyes) the queen of engagement. Nat dives into the strategies around good engagement and spoiler alert – the first thing she advises is to stop the scroll! It’s so important, especially during these isolating times, to connect with people. And one of the best ways to do so is getting into people’s dm’s. At 12:42 Ang shares a big tip about ensuring you engage with those who are already connected to you or who have commented on your feed. Otherwise, these could be missed opportunities.

Moving into the 14:00 minute mark, Nat reveals her strategy around using hashtags as a search engine to finding the right audience to connect with. And before using this strategy, understanding who your ideal avatar is so important. Who are you trying to target? And who are you trying to serve? At 14:45, it gives a great example of this and goes into the opportunity to connect with accounts in realtime. At 16:33 Ang shares, “ a really shitty thing to do” and advises everyone to not do this! (ok, ok… she explains that to follow and then unfollow is NOT a good strategy). 

Are you ready for a laugh? At 16:42 Ang relates the follow/unfollow strategy is similar to Nicky Nicky Nine Doors and some laughs ensue as she shares a funny childhood story.

To wrap up the episode, Nat reiterates that these strategies worked but wants to remind everyone that they did take TIME. There was a high level of commitment to the strategy but if you can invest the time, you will ultimately see results.

Let’s put this episode into focus:

  1. Set your social media goal each month
  2. Create a call to action, like a giveaway
  3. Create content that encourages people to save and share
  4. Be consistent with what and how often you post
  5. Stop the scroll and the double-tap and actually engage
  6. Use hashtags as a search engine to find your ideal avatar
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