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EP18 – Using Instagram to Land Your Dream Clients

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang chat about the strategy for finding and landing your dream clients on Instagram. And one of the first things they mention is that as a business, you do not want to find and attract everyone. You want to find and attract the RIGHT people that align with your business. 

Opening up the show, Nat and Ang reveal that the majority of their dream clients that they have served were connections built through Instagram. This was done by creating content and showing up on Instagram authentically and sharing their best work with the intention of attracting the right clients. 

Ang notes that now more than ever is the time to be invested in making those efforts and connections because, during this pandemic, people are naturally online more. Nat reveals a statistic that 40% more people are online now than they were in January 2020. Nat and Ang agree that while it is a big increase, it is also a big opportunity for businesses. “This is the time to get busy on here,” Nat says in referring to showing up and engaging with those dream clients on Instagram.

Nat reiterates that “If you’re not on social media, actively, by 2023… for your business, your business is going to suffer.” And there is no better time than now to be active on social media. Ang references episode 16 where the ladies shared strategies and techniques that are great to implement in growing your following and attracting your ideal client. She reiterates that social media, specifically Instagram, is a business platform.

At 4:20, Nat describes your Instagram feed is like a resume or a portfolio for your audience. They chat about the importance of taking the time to clean it up or to start sharing content with a strategy in place in order to attract your ideal client. Taking it a step further and referring to what type of content you should be sharing, Nat says, “it should always be your dream clients.” Sharing your previous work from your dream clients you have already served is an opportunity to attract similar clients. Share those images AND testimonials from your work with your current best clients.

At 5:20 Ang provides some examples that help detail what they mean by ‘portfolio’ and ways that service and product-based business can be sharing their best content. She says to be showing off the best of the best that you have. If you have great imagery, those are the images you should be sharing. If you don’t have imagery, this is an opportunity to create your own or reach out to past clients to help you with this content creation. It could be as simple as asking for images of them with your product, testimonials or for an even better connection; gift your loyal customers or clients with your product in exchange for some imagery and kind words. It is also a great way to treat your existing clients and have content that is authentic as they were already your customer who you have built loyalty and trust with.

At 6:57, Nat shares another example for businesses to build their Instagram portfolio and shares the strategy of a local promotional product company that constantly shares her ideal client’s imagery of them utilizing or wearing her products. Her strategy includes showing and sharing a love for her current clients and creates a hub of the community. By doing so, she’s opening up herself to reach more like-minded dream clients. Ang notes that this a great way to build and maintain a great reputation. 

At 7:55, Nat gives an incredible example when referring to your Instagram resume or portfolio. In simpler terms, you should treat your IG feed like it’s a magazine spread. Your magazine spread shares the best of the best of your work. It’s a visual advertisement that can relate and attract those ideal, dream clients.

Nervous or shy to show your face on Instagram? Don’t be! At 8:15 Nat reveals the importance of showing up and letting your audience see who you are in order to build a connection. Whether you are a one-person business, a team of two or an entire team. You need your audience to see you. Ang says that if you are not showing your face, you are missing an out and hindering the opportunity to “engage, to grow and to connect with your dream client.” At 8:46, Ang relates this to the Netflix Original Series, “Love is Blind.” Let’s just, it is “cringeworthy.”

Ang asks the audience to think of a time where an account followed you and upon clicking on their profile, there are no images of the business owner. How did it make you feel? How can you build a connection with someone if you have no idea of what they look like? And no, it’s not about vanity. 

Ang recommends that a good strategy could be to include an image of yourself or your team in the first 9-12 images of your Instagram feed. That way, when someone lands on your profile, they don’t have to scroll too far down to try and find out who they are connecting with. Another strategy is to always ensure that your profile picture is an image of you (most particularity if you are a one-person operation). 

“If you are the face of your business, than you should be the face of your profile picture.”

At 11:40, the ladies discuss the opportunity in Instagram Stories and IGTV. Nat describes the importance of using these tools to be relatable; especially in a service-based business. She uses the example of a photographer. It is an intimate situation and up-close and personal so it is important to have a level of comfort. 

At 13:00 Ang shares a tip on utilizing IGTV for your business with the intention to attract and connect with your dream client. She describes it to be a great opportunity to share your “elevator pitch.” Basically a 30 second to the one-minute introduction that shares, “who you are, what you do, who you serve and how you can help.” By creating an IGTV welcome video, it can sit on your channel for potential clients to connect and learn from you at any time. 

Nat loves IGTV because she notes that it is a great opportunity to educate people. When you have the opportunity to educate people, YOU become the expert in your field. Nat mentions that this is something they will be sharing in The Social Focus’ upcoming membership community.

Got nerves? We get it! But at 14:38, the ladies chat about how showing nerves in stories or on IGTV is actually relatable! In fact, Ang shares an embarrassing story on Instagram Stories and flubbed her words… and basically said she used to shit her pants at age 14… Ooops! She quickly corrected herself and left the video for everyone to see. She actually got a ton of dm’s and realized that people found it very entertaining. And the best part? Instagram stories expire after 24 hours! Ang reminds you that it doesn’t have to be perfect and references episode 15 of The Social Focus where the ladies address perfectionism in social media. 

At 16:02, the ladies get into the message strategy. And if you have a hard time writing content, Nat reminds you to remember WHO you are speaking to. Act as if you’re speaking directly to your ideal client. How can you serve them? What are their pain-points? Answer their potential questions for them in advance. Share videos on HOW you can help or solve their problems.

(Want more details on writing content that attracts? Tune into Episode 2 – What Your Audience Wants from You and Nat’s solo, Episode 4 – How to Create Better Captions fro Instagram.)

“What would I want my dream client to hear from me if they were sitting right in front of me?”

Let’s put this episode into focus:

  1. Treat your Instagram feed like your resume, portfolio or a magazine spread
  2. Only share your dream work
  3. Show some personality by sharing about you and your team
  4. Address your dream clients pain points
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