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How to use stock photos for social media show notes

Should you be using stock images for social media? How many are too many? How can I still look like “me” and be authentic with my brand on social media? Tune in as Nat and Ang cover ALL of this!  

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang dive into how you can implement stock photography and images into your strategy. As a Brand Photographer and Social Stylist, they know the importance of creating brand reflective imagery and how important it is for social media. But they also recognize that the struggle is real and sometimes it is hard to constantly create unique images for your business. This is where stock photos can help!

While it is important to invest in professional services, such as a branding photographer and a good stylist; there will always be times when new imagery is needed. Stock images are great for small businesses to “pepper” into their strategy. 

One of the best strategies for social media is consistency. And it can be hard to stay consistent when you’re constantly trying to find new images that work with your message. 

Tune in at 3:24 for a great example of how a service-based business can appropriately utilize stock photos. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing images that fit your brand and themes you share about. Images are visuals to storyteller so when you can create a great message with the right image, you can still reach your audience.

At 6:39 Nat and Ang discuss a burning question…. How many stock images is too many? In short, two. This is the part you don’t want to miss as they explain why two is the ideal number of stock images to share in a certain period of time. 

And don’t forget – stock photography images can be manipulated! You can add text overlays, adjust the image size and add your own filters or edits!

At 9:20, the ladies give a great example of product-based businesses and how they can also implement stock photography into their Instagram feed or on Facebook. They tie it all back to experience and storytelling. 

If your message corresponds with the image and you’re telling your story, stock images can still work for you! Stock images can be a great opportunity to save time and stay consistent on social.

Where else can you use stock photography? Why not use it in your Instagram Stories or for your Pinterest feed? They mention Word Swag which is a great app for creating amazing videos for IG Stories! And they are the perfect platform for stock photos. IGTV thumbnails and cover photos are a great spot for them as well. 

One of the last pieces of advice they share is that as a business on social, you want to ensure that you are keeping your feed and pages look professional. And using too many stock photos is not a good option as your audience will not get to know who you are.

And lastly, using images from someone else’s account without the appropriate permission, that is the same as stealing. Screenshots from other people’s pages and shared on your own is a big no-no. Even if you tag the original owner. It is not the same as permission. There are big hefty fines out there for not using images appropriately. Nat goes on to share that any stock images that you need to pay for must be paid for. You will not get away with taking these images without paying for them. So be very careful when using images from iStock and Getty Images that require payment.

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