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EP23 How To Work From Anywhere

Shownotes: How to work from anywhere


In today’s episode, Nat & Ang chat about working from anywhere. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

In all reality during the pandemic, many of us have been forced into our current working situation and location. But that reality and or fantasy doesn’t have to end once things start to pick back up again. This episode will share some great examples on how to work from anywhere, whether from home, on a ‘staycation’ or vacation (remember vacation?) sigh. Those were the days. 

The reality right now is that we are participating in a lot of virtual meetings, whether it be through Zoom or Skype. But ask yourself, do you need to be visually and actively participating in every single one? If the answer is no, why not tune in to the meeting on a walk outside or during a workout? What opportunities are there to multitask? One tip that Nat shares is to use applications like a voice note; that way you don’t have to always be typing out your message or emails. Something you can easily do while out on a walk (don’t worry, gone are the days where people think you are talking to yourself) or at the beach or park bench.

So how do you prepare for time away while having to work from your new destination? One of the most important things you can do is set the expectation (whether for your team and or clients). Will you be limiting your hours? Will you be in a different time zone? Will you have access to wifi or phone calls? Setting these expectations ahead of time can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety while keeping those who need to be ‘in the know’, in the loop.

The ladies discuss how drafting emails ahead of time and saving them to send at a later time can help with efficiencies. Nat reveals an app called ‘Workfrom’ that can help you find the best internet connections in the area that you will be travelling to. Another great tool is a rechargeable battery for your phone. This is lifesaving people! And of course, looking into your mobile plan to ensure you have the proper coverage.

Staying along the lines of preparation, Nat and Ang discuss the value in using services such as the cloud or dropbox as a way to have access to important files and to ensure that documents and work is being saved. Another tool is utilizing a USB or hard drive while working remotely.

Let’s talk about the workspace. At the 14:00 minute mark, Nat and Ang discuss the importance of a good workspace while working away. It will keep you motivated, focused but also in better health. As Nat mentions, no working crisscrossed applesauce! 

To round out the episode, the ladies chat about the opportunities you have to batch and or create while you are away. For example, why not take lots of images of new landscapes or scenery while away? This is a great opportunity to gather fresh content for your social media. It’s also a great way to build connections. Sharing your experiences can be readable to your audience. Whether you share in your feed right away or down the road or utilizing Instagram stories to share these experiences can be huge for resonating with your audience. 

Lastly, Nat relates back to episode 03 with guest, Natalie Scott and her advice and motto to, “create a life you don’t need a vacation from.” Avoiding the peaks and valleys and simply create and live the life where you can manage your business and your life. 

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