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Ep24 – What We Learned from Working in One of the Toughest Industries

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang chat about their experience working in one of the toughest industries… the wedding industry. 

Weddings are filled with joy and excitement but it is also accompanied by a lot of emotions, unpredictability, stress, tight deadlines and a whole lot of expectations. 

Since moving on from weddings, Nat as a Wedding Photographer and Ang as a Wedding Planner; they have used what they experienced and learned and have been able to apply those learnings to ether current businesses… and you can too! They share it all in this episode. 

To start, Nat reveals the importance of trust. When your clients have trust in you and your abilities, it can completely change the entire working experience and relationship. How do you build trust? By being prepared. Preparation can be as simple as arriving early, having a task list clearly and most importantly, managing expectations.

Rolling with the punches. Sometimes that is all you can do. To better serve your clients and manage their expectations, you can’t let those moments of unpredictability get you down. In fact, being overly prepared can also restrict you. Sometimes you have to let go of the control and embrace the shifts.

Another lesson Nat shares was learning to be more creative and to trust her instincts. To which, by trusting those instincts, she was able to better deliver for her clients. In fact, it can also allow to overdeliver and exceed expectations. 

The ladies dive into the world of social media. In fact, both Nat and Ang received a lot of referrals from social media. Whether that be through past clients but also relationships with vendors in the same industry At the 10:05 mark, Nat shares how this is so important to implement into your business. Who do you know in your industry that has the potential to send you your next client or customer? Who can you refer to a trusted colleague? Think of building your power team. A network of people that you can interchangeably refer a client to. 

Ang shares some of her experiences and how it has helped her in her career now, with the first being detailed oriented. Creating timelines and tasks for wedding clients helped her see the value in being specific and detailed. And not just for her own benefit but to also keep her clients well aware of everything and anything.

Those details can be implemented into any business. Ang gives an example of how The Social Focus episodes and social media are crafted. All the planning and details are developed ahead of time so as both Nat and Ang can review and are well aware of the strategy.

Being detailed oriented and communicating well with your clients can maintain the trust and help guide them through the experience. We know our business. But we can’t assume our clients do. So keep them informed and guide them through the process as best as possible. 

And that trust and respect also go towards other businesses. In the wedding industry, there is a multitude of vendors who all have their agendas and tasks. This industry was a great opportunity to also manage other vendors’ expectations. 

Want a good laugh? Tune in to the full episode for some fun stories from Nat & Ang’s wedding past.

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