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Michelle Risi on the Social Focus

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang sit down and chat with Lifestyle Entrepreneur Expert, Michelle Risi. Michelle helps Realtors achieve Freedom, Fulfillment and Financial Success in their business.  

She is a devoted mom, wife, educator and writer who has found a way to use her multi-passionate personality to create a business around a life she loves.

Michelle’s unique approach stems from her core belief that nothing about entrepreneurship is one-size-fits-all and that true success comes when you work in alignment with your strengths, passion and vision. 

She is a contributing writer at Forbes, a lover of social media,  host of the chart-topping podcast “The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast for Realtors” and was recently named one of the Top 50 women in Canadian Real Estate.

As a self-proclaimed, “dabbler,” Michelle explains that her journey in many fields of study and careers has allowed her to take away pieces from each of those experiences and implement them into her way of living and working today. She notes that it all refers back to leading with joy. 

“Follow the things that lift you up.”

Michelle shares some of the techniques that she teaches her students in real estate. She mentions that many people are attracted to the real estate industry because of the freedom and flexibility. However, many realtors don’t seem to be taking advantage of that opportunity. Her approach is to focus on new ways and techniques to break out of outdated or unconventional tactics within the industry. She focuses on the lens of lifestyle entrepreneurship and how to build your business around your life – not your life around your business. 

Nat and Ang refer to Michelle’s podcast episode 45 all about discovering your ideal avatar and the importance of figuring this out can elevate your business that much faster. Michelle also shares that a lot of her own success on social media began when she started to really niche down and hone in on her ideal audience. 

“Balance is BS”

Here’s where things get real. Michelle explains that balance doesn’t exist and is in fact, bull-s***. She explains that there are many buckets that you can fill. You just may not be able to fill them all at once. There is a give and take and she explains that she has adopted the phrase “work, life harmony.” Meaning, you don’t need to say no to one thing to say yes to something else.  

Michelle discusses the allowance to giving yourself grace, being forgiving and that you can’t control every little thing. At the 25:55 mark, Ang gets emotional as Michelle’s words are to the point and resonating. As entrepreneurs (especially #mompreneurs) we are often very hard on ourselves. “Guilt is a horrible thing.”

Some recommendations from Michelle in the episode include books by Alyson Schafer and her ideology around Adlerian psychology.  She references, “Breaking the Good Mom Myth.

What makes you feel inspired to serve your audience? Michelle responds that she, “just wants people to feel happy.” Which is an inspiring way to lead and serve your clients and audience? At the 33:00 mark, Michelle shares her personal journey and experiences around entrepreneurship and how she used to feel it had to look and feel a certain way and; how over time, she was able to break through those perceptions and run and lead differently. “I’m going to do it my way.”

This episode is full of giggles, moments of truth and even a few tears. 

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