Bonus Episode: The Social (distancing) Focus

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The Social [Distance] Focus – Bonus Episode

Nat & Ang record separately, and discuss being relevant, and keeping on top of things with your business when you’re not in your everyday routine.

You are not losing your purpose. Whether you’re taking time with your family, or focusing on moving forward with new ideas and new marketing strategies, adapting to your new purpose.
They discuss what it feels like to be out of their routine. Ang is enjoying Not having a routine some days, and other days she’s feeling a little unsure about what’s to come.
The social focus platform has helped her to stay motivated because they are still wanting to serve their audience. She thrives on routine and goes thru her daily, and how it has now changed.
But mostly what she has changed for the better is that she is giving herself some Self Care. Meditation, lemon water, green smoothie.

Nat misses hugging people…. so she might go find her pregnancy pillow.
She indicates that normally during her kids March Break she would be off most of the week. And would be taking lots of time with her boys.
But she’s making a few shifts. First, by limiting her time on social media. Second, continuing with her 4:30 am wake up call, and spending 2 hours doing work alongside her husband who is now working from home. Third, after boys have had breakfast, she is spending 15 minutes locked in the bathroom to do a meditation. Then also making sure that every morning we are moving our bodies. Always with a walk outside in nature with Arnold her golden retriever. But as well with a kids yoga video like Cosmic Kids. And lastly, she is committing to every other day doing some serving for her clients on social/emails/how-to videos.

Nat goes into some ideas of how businesses are adjusting. She goes into ideas about what a local restaurant could do. And what a local market has committed to their client to do.
Stay relevant and serve, serve, serve. Stay top of mind. And your audience will remember how much you helped them. And sharing. Share your best stuff. Kindness is a huge takeaway these days too.

Ang talks about some ideas of how you can stay connected. Don’t shy away. Getting personal. Because it can be very lonely right now for so many. And stay relevant to what is going on right now. Sharing some valuable tips. But if you already had a strategy in place, be very mindful if this content works with what people need from you.
Let’s put the INSTA back into Instagram.

Also how important it is to engage and support your audience.
Sometimes with a funny joke…. listen to Nat’s funny joke.
Spread some love by sharing people you love to engage with.
Say hello and smile when you’re out and about. Cause it truly brings joy to yourself, along with those you’re engaging with.

Time. You now have time. So there are fewer excuses around this. This is now an opportunity to work ON your business since you’re working less IN your business. Put out an offer to your audience.
Keep planning ahead, and use this wealth of time wisely.

Get ahead of your marketing before the fall.
Get ahead of your bookkeeping.
Learning by listening to Audible or reading marketing books

Let’s put this episode into FOCUS:

  1. Develop a new routine
  2. If you’re unable to work IN your business, use this time to work ON your business
  3. Be relevant when you’re posting any content
  4. Engage with your audience
  5. Work on your marketing strategy
  6. Get your bookkeeping in order
  7. Self educate with online courses, podcasts, audible and reading books
  8. Take care of yourself
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