EP 87 – Nat & Ang Interview

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EP 87 - Nat & Ang Interview

EP 87 – Nat & Ang Interview

Burn out. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Not our favourite things. But they exist. They are real. And they happen to us all. In this episode, we chat about some strategies and experience surrounding business overwhelm. What was supposed to be an interview with a special guest (sometimes things happen and plans change) we decided to take the questions lined up for our guest and ask them to each other. So yeah… we basically interview each other but promise it is a genuine and rewarding conversation that you won’t want to miss out on. 

Some of the things we share are;

Eliminating parts of our business that no longer serve us and or give in to the overwhelm. Ang shares that a lot of the time we overwhelm ourselves to try and be everything to everyone and a lot of that stems out of scarcity (ie: “I need the money!!”) And yet, sometimes eliminating things can leave opportunity for the things we truly love to fill in the void. 

What are the signs a business owner should look for when it comes to stress and overwhelm? Nat shares that some of the signs are when we don’t feel like ourselves. Maybe we’re short tempered with our friends or family. Perhaps it’s when you start to miss deadlines. Sometimes they are just little signs that creep up. In fact, Nat had an experience in her business where she asked herself, “why can’t breath?” That heaviness. Those physical feelings. These are all major signs that overwhelm has crept in.

Time management. One of the most important things that can make your business run smoothly. Ang shares two things she has always done in order to manage her time. One being keeping a physical notebook with her at all times and prioritizing what the most important things are that need to be done. Segmenting the tasks by time can also help alleviate stress by ensuring things that are the most important get done first. Second to that, she sets a timer. Having a timer adds a little bit of pressure but helps keep her focused on the task at hand. 

Social media overwhelm…. Yes it is real too. And give yourself grace. It’s natural and normal to take social media breaks. (Hint, this is where a scheduling app can come in really handy!)

Saying No… does that make you cringe? Because we’re telling you, it is so empowering! Nat shares an experience of saying no – like, literally no to business. But it’s for a very good reason and didn’t hurt her business growth. 

To round out the episode, we chat about our favourite tools on Instagram as well as boundaries around social media! Enjoy the show!

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