EP. 91 The Simplest Way to Batch your Content

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EP. 91 The Simplest Way to Batch your Content


The biggest set back that most people have when approaching Social Media and content creating is that they find overwhelmed, and feel like it’s a “time sucker”.

And it 100% can be. But let’s rewind for a minute. Why are we on Instagram? What are our goals inside out business? Well, the reason we’re on Instagram is so we can reach a larger audience faster, in hopes of selling more of our products and services, and all in the while helping them by solving one of their paint points.

So, number 1, if we can all start approaching Instagram with some set intentions, this will make it feel a heck of a lot less overwhelming.

But we’re not here to talk about Intentions today.

We are talking about how to create less overwhelm and create content – possibly even more content then what you’re currently creating – in less time!

So how do we do this you might be asking?

Our key to spending less time creating is BATCHING. We have talked about this soooooo much. But still we have listeners and even members (yup, we’re calling you out) who are not batching and using a tool to get it done. Instead, they’re spending 30 to 45 minutes coming up with a new post each day. Finding a photo. Writing and tweaking their caption. Researching hashtags, and so on.

But with a batching app like Planoly for example, you can create 7 to 12 posts in 2 hours or less. We are not pulling your leg. 

Here’s why batching works with our brains. First of all, our brains don’t get into “focus mode” very easily. It takes a minimum of 15 minutes for most individuals to get focused on a task. And any interruptions – like app notifications, kids running into a room, or even a hungry stomach, can side track you away from your task. When you task switch you use different parts of the brain, which basically means your brain uses more energy to catch up. So we need to start using our brain’s natural creative flow. The four creative flow phases are

1. Brainstorm or Strategy

2. Plan and outline

3. Creating

4. Completion and release

So let’s dive into how we use each phase in these 2 hours.

Number 1 is Brainstorm. Write all of this down. Think about first, what your content themes are. Our themes are, for example, Education. Empower, Entertain. Community. And About Us.  Once that’s in place. We think about what you have coming up. New products. Launches. A celebration. And lastly, what has our audience engaged the most with over the past few months (so look back at your insights for 3 to 4 minutes). Overall, this should take less than 20 minutes.

Number 2 is Planning and Outlining. Mark down what days, and time of day, you’ll be posting over the week or 2 weeks. Using an app like Planoly helps with having a calendar in front of you, and using images to get it scheduled and in place. For now, mark down the topic, and couple point forms so you know what you’ll write about. Jot down at the same time the call to action. Lastly, pull in 15 to 25 images for now. Could be Stock images. Could be images you took, or were taken by your photographer. Or could be Canva pieces. If you don’t have the Canva pieces created yet, just think of the ideas first, and then we’ll get to creating shortly. Overall, this should take another 20 to 25 minutes. Set a timer, and get whatever you can completed in that amount of time.

Number 3. Before writing out each caption, or placing your images into the right post, head into Canva and finalize those pieces. If this feels daunting, stick to 2 or 3 maximum to create. Pull those final images into your scheduling app. Keep in mind that not all apps will allow you to use Carousels. So those will have to be saved in an Album on your phone – name it A+ Canva so it’s at the top of your Albums. Next, start placing the images into the schedule. And lastly, write out your captions. Writing everything in a row will help you to move through it quicker, because you’re writing juices will be in creative flow. Overall, 30 to 45 minutes, depending on if you’re creating pieces in Canva.

Number 4. Completion and Release. Since you just finished up all of your captions, continue with this same creative work flow by – re-reading (preferably out loud) your captions, edit, tweak, and fix grammar. Add in your hashtags to the appropriate post. Schedule them, with reminders. Tag anyone or any companies who are involved. And there ya have it. Overall 15 to 20 minutes. You’re done.

And like any muscle, the more you do this, the stronger you’ll become at batching. Again, don’t be hard on yourself the first time you do this. Start with a few posts. And then set a higher goal next time. And eventually, you’ll be batching 10 posts in no time. Reminder again, set that timer so you keep on track. And turn off all notifications. If you need a 5 minute break, take it. Breathe, meditate, stretch, walk around for 5 minutes. But just don’t touch any devices.

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