EP56 – Outsource Your Life – Interview with Peggy Re James

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EP56 – Peggy James Interview 

In today’s episode, we are chatting with Peggy Re James. Peggy is a Marketing Coach for done for you service providers and rising coaches and course creators. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses by giving them both the foundation they need, as well as proven marketing strategies to help propel them quickly to a full-time income. Her favourite part about being a Coach is watching women own their superpowers, push past fear and change their futures. When she’s not working, you can find her wrangling her three little girls or reading a self-development book.

We absolutely loved her suggestions on how to, “outsource your life.” Seriously, talk about levelling up and sharing strategies that help your business move forward!

So how do you know if you are ready to outsource and bring on some help?

Peggy gives it to us straight… “When you’re about to pull your hair out” or are at 70% capacity. When you get to a part when you are unable to move your business forward – that could mean it is also time. “If you’re unable to do the money-making activities…and you’re always in the client work and back end, you can’t grow your business.”

Is Social Media important in growing this type of career? Is an email list just as important?

She says that it depends on your goals. Do you want a brand? Do you want to replace income? Do you want to build an empire? If you want to be in demand and build authority, it’s imperative to be active on social. And boy, you should see how active Peggy is on social. Her reels are incredibly entertaining and educational and it is obvious Peggy knows exactly who she is speaking to. 

What are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to find new customers? 

You’ve heard us say it and we were thrilled to hear Peggy share our adamants – “talking to EVERYONE.”  Trying to talk to everyone and have no clarity in the message. It’s that fear and feeling of not wanting, “to leave any money on the table.” However, and you’ve heard us say it, developing your niche is incredibly important to move the needle in your business.

What are your Top 3 go to Instagram tools you teach your community?

So what does the woman who outsources everything love? Well, her content manager, of course! That is full-on levelling up friends! But we love that she shares some of her other favourite tools (and we love these too) such as Canva, InShot and Snapseed. 
To connect with Peggy Re James, you can find her online at www.peggyrejames.com or on Instagram at @peggyrejames

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