EP57 – What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Business – Solo with Ang

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EP57 – What I wish I had Know when Starting My Business – Solo with Ang

In today’s solo episode, I (Ang) am getting a bit personal while I share a few things that I wish someone had told me when I first started my entrepreneurial journey. And if that’s where you’re at right now; this episode is for you!

To start – let me be clear – I have zero regrets. It was all great learning. But in today’s episode, I want to share with you the five things I wish I had known when just getting started with my business. 

1 – you don’t have to have a degree in what you want to pursue – in fact when was the last time somebody asked to see that piece of paper? I caused myself a lot of stress, feeling of unworthiness because like many of you – we are raised to believe that in order to be successful we have to be a part of an education system from kindergarten, to middle school to university, etc.

2. – stop caring what other people will think

Seriously. We all know that everybody has an opinion but we need to remind ourselves that the ones who are truly rooting for us will cheer us on at every stage of our journey. 

And it is important to remember that you’re not going o be everybody’s cup of tea and in most cases- your friends, family, neighbours colleagues may not understand what it is that you’re building and that’s OK.  But don’t let negative comments or their confusion halt you on your path.

3. Done is better than perfect

It’s amazing how much time can be spent obsessing over things until they are perfect. I feel like I spent wayyyyy too much time on the little things – where nobody was paying much attention to. I could have let go of a few things and really focused on what was needed and. a priority. 

4. Stop trying to be everything to everyone

Seriously – I had so many opportunities where I should have said, “no” but like many, I didn’t feel that I was in a position to turn away dollars. However, I can see now that if I had niched down and really focused on who it was that I wanted to serve, I could have propelled my business faster. We’ve said it so many times, “if you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one.”

5. Do not undervalue your time and services. 

Oh man – ever feel icky when sending a quote or an invoice? Or have you ever changes your pricing because you just assumed that there’s no way your client would pay that much? Or have you ever invested more time than what it was worth because you wanted to impress? Yeah – been there, done that. I wish my fairy godmother came striking down with her wand and slapped me across the backside and said, “do not ever undervalue your skills, talents and time.” I hope this resonates with you, or I’ll show up with my magic wand at your house! 

Where are you at in your journey? I’d love to hear if any of these were helpful!

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