EP59 – Our First Year in Podcasting – What went right, what went wrong & what we learned!

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EP59 – One Year in Podcasting

We’re celebrating! We have officially spent an entire year dedicated to delivering weekly episodes and cannot believe how fast the year went by!

In this week’s episode, we’re sharing what we learned from our first year in podcasting; including – 

1. How podcasting has made a positive impact on our business – and how it can for you too

2. Four things we wish we had known when getting started 

3. The main equipment and software you need to get started


4. How we created our own style and brand on our own podcast. 

Podcasting is a fantastic way to increase your audience and reach. It can also help you gain new followers on social media platforms, let your audience get to know you better and is the perfect platform to promote your offerings and promotions.  One of the things we love best is the opportunity to invite guest experts to the show!

Here are a few things we wish we had known before getting started:

– Register ahead of the planned start date  with Apple Podcast

– Episode notes for recordings are key! It helps keep the episode on track and to the point

– Batching is a lifesaver…. When we first got started we didn’t batch as many episodes. Now our recording sessions include at least 3-4 so we can get them organized, edited and scheduled. 

– Keep the average episode to under 30 minutes – this is great for the listener and also great for us in terms of recordings, editing, writing show notes, etc. 

We also share some of our favorite equipment and software including:

– A good mic

– Zoom to record our episodes and interviews

– A hosting platform – we use Buzzsprout and they have made it easy and seamless (plus their customer service is by far one of the best!)

If you’re considering starting a podcast for your business, this is the episode for you!

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Have a question for us? Check us out on Instagram @thesocial.focus 

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