EP61 – Feeling Stuck? Five Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Next Post – Solo with Nat

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EP61 – Feeling Stuck? Five Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Next Post – Solo with Nat

In today’s episode, it’s just me, Nat running solo and talking about where to find inspiration for your social media posts.

Overwhelm and burn out is real! This is because we often overthink everything, right?

And that includes social media! More likely than not, you’ve heard yourself say one of these before.

“what the heck am I going to post about today?”

“no one even wants to read what I have to say…”

“lately my posts have been falling flat…”

When we say this to ourselves, sure, maybe it’s a tad correct. But usually, we’re just feeling drained. And guess what? We need to feel creative, and creativity doesn’t come to us when we’re drained.

In fact, many of you are trying to create very last minute because “Oh my gosh, I haven’t posted this week”. Well, I’m about to make a very strong statement, (so please don’t write me to hate mail).

You Don’t Have To Post Every Day!!!

Okay okay, you do if you want to grow. But if you’re just posting for posting sake, it’s not going to move the needle anyway right? So give yourself a little break. And after you have decided to cut yourself some slack, and you’ve taken a deep breath, I want you to think about what time of day you feel the happiest, energetic, and most creative. When do ideas just come to you? And now I want you to take out your calendar, and book in an appt. every 2 weeks, at that time of day, to plan out and write out some posts – could be 3 posts – could be 8. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you keep this appt. You commit to yourself and make it happen!

Now that I have bullied you into getting organized, Let’s get into 

Where to find some inspiration for these posts.

The first place we find inspiration is in posts we have saved. Start getting into the habit of doing this. If you haven’t started saving posts, it’s really easy. Simply click the little icon (it looks like the bottom of a ribbon or bookmark) on the bottom right of any post. When you save it, you can create a separate folder just for Inspo. Now, keep in mind, this is for Inspiration. Not copying. Many people go to a lot of work creating their posts. So don’t be a copy cat. In fact, you could even mention them in your post to say thank you for the great idea.

The second place we find inspiration is on Pinterest. You can pretty much type in any word, or How To…. and something will come up. Looking over someone’s blog is such a great place to find inspiration for a wonderful post. Plus it may even give you some great ideas around what type of visual to create. It could be a new recipe to share, a hack that helps your avatar, or event is a great quote or motivational words.

Gotta love Pinterest!!!

The third place we find inspiration is in Pop Culture. Pop culture is our friend when we’re absolutely stuck. It could be a classic or current TV show, a new favourite song, or even some new challenge on TikTok.

If something big is happening, you can use this to your advantage, by connecting with your audience when you have common ground, and offering a little entertainment. These kinds of posts start conversations you probably never thought you’d have. 

The fourth-place we find inspiration is on a long drive or in nature. Have you ever noticed this? When you’re alone, or in a quiet place, how often the best ideas pop into your head. It’s really important to keep track of these incredible thoughts. But not to run home and start typing away. Stay in nature. Stay where the inspiration is flowing through you. Instead of jumping right into a post, either create a document named “Post Ideas” in your notes or create a Voice Memo to listen back to. This way when you’re sitting down the next time to plan out your posts, you will already have a list of posts ready to go.

The fifth and last place we find inspiration is from other individuals we look up to. Not necessarily from your industry. In fact, I’d suggest it not be from your industry. But rather someone or something that you admire. For example, when I’m feeling stuck in my photography, and need to get the creative juices flowing, I drive around and look at architecture, or scroll architecture accounts on Instagram. It brings me so much joy and excitement that it often cures my brain block. Architecture may not be your thing. But maybe it’s filmed. What was the main subject of that movie? Or the moral of the story. 

Maybe your thing is music. Take a line out of that favourite song and talk about how it made you feel. Or the story behind that musician. Figure out what the thing is for you, and go indulge in it for an hour.

Hope you enjoyed that friends!

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