EP63 – How to Run a Giveaway on Instagram!

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Welcome back to Instagram for Business with The Social Focus. 

Today we are diving into Running a Giveaway.

But not just the how-to. But why you should do a giveaway, the many things to consider, and of course, the Rules and guidelines.

Because no one needs this to turn into a lawsuit when you’re just simply doing something nice for your community!

Here are 3 Reasons why you would run a giveaway, and when you would add it to your social media strategies. Because let’s face it, it’s not necessarily because you want to give something away for free. You are also hoping, in your generosity, to grow, and possibly gain new customers.

Reason #1 – Growth. You want to grow your following and get more reach.

Reason #2 – Thanking your community for hitting a number of followings, or for a big launch is successful.

Reason #3 – Engagement. Ultimately wanting to shift the algorithm to favour your account for a little while by creating lots of buzz and engagement on one certain post.

Who loves statistics? We love statistics!!!! 

We dug up some recent stats around accounts that run Giveaways and contests. These are big numbers. 

 – IG accounts that hold contests grow 70% faster then ones that do not.

 – Giveaways tend to get 64x more comments, and 3.5x more likes than other posts. 

Here’s why those stats are so important:

Followers see your post

They like comment and tag a friend

More people see it, engage, and tag

The Algorithm reveals the post to more accounts

Those accounts see it, engage, and tag


What are some things to consider?

Should you do a Solo or Collaborated giveaway?

Well, we ran a wonderful collaborative giveaway last fall, that landed us some big numbers, but also lost a TON of followers immediately afterwards.

We quickly realized that this was because that other account didn’t have the same customers or avatar as we do.

But also ran another very successful giveaway recently that actually turned into not just wonderful new followers and great engagement. But also turned into new customers, and also thousands of dollars in revenue!

You also want to consider What would be the reason behind the giveaway. Similar to our reasons above, we may want to:

 – Celebrate something and Thank our customers and followers

 – Introduce a new product or talk about an upcoming launch

 – Grow. This is usually the most popular reason. But writing a caption something like this “Did you know that we offer FREE education every single week? Yup every week. Our weekly emails are helping so many (FILL IN THE BLANK). And because we are feeling grateful and excited about your recent DMs thanking us, we wanted to offer a giveaway to every single one of you.” Make sure to have them join your mail list as an extra entry if you’re doing something specific like this.

Let’s dive into these very important Steps BEFORE you run that giveaway. This can massively change your results.

Step 1

Choose a prize your AVATAR would benefit from or love!

And also consider how they could possibly become ongoing customers.

Step 2

Choose the ways they can enter to win

Follow your account

Like this post

Tag a friend in the comments

Each tag counts as an additional entry to win

Extra Entry’s are also beneficial

Share in Stories

Sign up for our newsletter

Step 3

Set a date you will pick the winner

Mark this in the post

Step 4

How will you choose the Winner?

1. Name generator like Commentpicker.com or Woobox.com

2. Write them out old school style and put them in a bowl or hat

3. Create a video while you’re choosing

4. Create an excel spreadsheet and use Random number picker

Okay, so now that you’re super pumped about this amazing Giveaway, let’s get into the sexy part.

Rules and Guidelines. YEEHAW!!!!

Currently in February 2021, you should Always add in 

“This Giveaway and promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram”

Head to our shownotes to read that if that was too fast for you all.

Please stay up to date with Instagram requirements. Check out Instagrams website to see what their current guidelines are to date.

Additional things you may want to consider could be any of the following:

– can employees enter?

– is this limited to certain locations, countries, etc. Especially if you’re shipping an actual item.

– How will you deliver the prize?

And always always always go back to your avatars and what would help them. Because at the end of the day, we are always teaching how important it is to serve

before selling. Give give give. Serve serve serve. And then sell. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all. We are happy to help. 

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