EP65 – Part Two – Maximizing Your Personal Brand – Session with Women in Biz CNNX

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Sandbox Part TWO Episode Notes:

This episode is part two of two! So if you haven’t tuned in to part one, we highly suggest that you start there! It is the recording of our live presentation with Sandbox and the Women in Biz CNNX. 

We were kindly asked to speak at the Women In Biz CNNX with the Sandbox for a group discussion and our focus for this talk was – Maximizing Your Personal Brand in A Digital World. In part one, we present a strategy that we have implemented for our own businesses as well as the members in our private course and community, Instagram for Business. This episode doves into a Q&A session where we break down our presentation and strategy ion developing themes for your brand, creating captivating messaging and utilizing strong imagery for Instagram.

What is Women in Biz CNNX?

Uplift, empower, advance. When women in business come together, what is it they can’t achieve? Facilitated by experienced female leaders in the local business community, come together with others to address barriers, create solutions, and break them! New opinions and ideas from outside perspectives will be discovered, while action plans and new connections will be formed.

Our intention with this chat was to share our techniques to help you grow an authentic following, sell more of your products and services while spending less time scrolling on social. 

We discuss strategies that help you create imagery and content that is reflective of your personal brand. We break it down with a focus on these three principals: theme development, message strategy and brand imagery. 


Sandbox connects people & their ideas to business resources; where guided collaboration and sharing of collective knowledge support their journey to success.

Have a question for us? Be sure to check us out on Instagram @thesocial.focus (pssst there’s usually a freebie waiting for you!)

Have a question for us? Check us out on Instagram @thesocial.focus 

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