EP73 – 5 Things You May Not Have Known about Instagram

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EP73 – 5 Things You May Not Have Known about Instagram

Wait, what? Yeah, we’ve heard it a few times. The phrase, ” I didn’t know that about Instagram!” So what do we do when we hear that over and over again? We record and episode and share with all of you! (you’re welcome).

In this episode, we are sharing FIVE things you may not know about Instagram; including:

1. Banned (or hidden hashtags). What does that mean? It means that there are hashtags out there that Instagram has deemed inappropriate and can affect (aka hurt your content showing up).  Check out this list of banned hashtags.

2. QR codes (wait, aren’t these like soooo old school) maybe? But they’re back baby and we chat about QR codes can be utilized for your business on Instagram.

3. Pinned Comments (we know, we have chatted about this before) but we are always so surprised when people say they didn’t know about this amazing feature! Pinned comments is an opportunity to thank your audience for their comments while featuring great comments towards the top (more eyeballs on your great comments) – tune in to hear one MAJOR bonus with this feature!

4. Hashtags in IG Stories.  Please do not forget to include hashtags in your stories! If you’ve ever asked yourself, “why aren’t my stories getting more view?” Hashtags could easily be the problem (or lack thereof). We share two great ways to incorporate hashtags into your IG story without looking spammy!

5. Saved Replies (formerly known as quick replies) is going to be your new best friend! If you want to save time and still be able to connect with your audience, saved replies are the way to go! Especially for those of you who are constantly getting asked the same questions over and over again! You can craft a response that you can repurpose over and over again! #winning

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