EP89. – 5 Things to Know About Instagram Reels

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EP89. - 5 Things to Know About Instagram Reels

EP89. – 5 Things to Know About Instagram Reels

Reels are a unique way to reach your audience and serve them in a fast, education and or entertaining way.  When we chat about reels, we do think it is important to have a good understanding of your audience. If you don’t feel that your audience is on the reels bandwagon – it may not be the best area to invest your time in.

But, like anything; it is always worth a try! Here are five things you should know about reels:

1. Reels are the perfect feature to either entertain your audience or to educate. Of course, you can certainly do a combination (which is perfect for showing your personality) but as a business; ensuring that you are creating content that is relevant and can either offer a solution to your audience or teach them something.

2. You don’t have to create and post all at the same time. We’ve heard it before that reels are tricky and can cause a bit of overwhelm or frustration. Our suggestion would be to bank content, take little snippets here and there and then piece them together when you have a few minutes. That way you don’t miss adding as much value as possible.

When we talk about adding value we mean; ensuring that you have included hashtags / adding proper titles and keeping them in alignment on the screen, choosing trending music that is catchy and relevant and of course, posting at the ideal time for your audience. And using a video editing tool is also a great resource. We like to use InShot and Video Joiner.

3. Make sure it captures your audiences attention. Similar to a caption, there should be some type of hook right at the beginning. Using phrases like “have you ever” or “ are you looking to…” and then follow it up with informative information that serves your audience. We want to entice them to watch the full thing. 

As a bonus to this; it’s also a good strategy to get them into the caption. Perhaps you could include a promise in the reel and add text to direct them to the caption to find out more. 

4. Select music or audio that is trending and popular *while still being relevant to you content and your audience). Did you know that while you’re watching reels, you can save audio from other accounts? This is a great way to get on those trending audio bites. 

5. Hashtags. Yup, we still need to ensure we’re maximizing hashtags. Currently, hashtags that have larger uses can still work well to include. And we should mention that your hashtags should be included in the caption – not the first comment. But ensure that your hashtags are still relevant to the content you are sharing and to your ideal avatar.

So that wraps up some tips to getting started with reels. But we also wanted to remind you that going viral shouldn’t be the ultimate goal with reels -Nat shares why towards the end of this episode.

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