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Nat & Ang talk about the myths of why people feel too busy to utilize Social Media to grow their business. Myths/Excuses, whatever you want to call them.


Fear – People are literally not posting due to their fear post won’t get enough likes.
We are here to show up for our audience. So forget about likes. Affect 1 person. Let’s get rid of the fear. And the algorithm favours those accounts that post more often.

Too Busy – We are all busy. Or could we change that word to being fortunate to work in your business? But also, look at your social media as a priority as part of your business. Put it in your calendar, commit, and don’t flake. And be accountable to the strategies you set.

Consuming Too Much – Are you getting sucked into the scroll? We are spending too much time comparing, and consuming. Rather than creating, and inspiring.

The wrong Platform For Your Biz – Am I on the right platform?
If you are not in the right place, you will not be able to connect with your perfect clientele.


Find the right platform by researching your Avatar.
Think about WHO you want to engage with. Where do they hang out?
For example:
Family Photographer VS Travel Wedding Photographer
Family photographer benefits by being on Facebook and Instagram – but could also benefit by being on Pinterest as well. Facebook is where you people engage with their family and friends. Instagram is where followers want to engage and find brands. And they can find people more local.
Travel Wedding Photographers could also benefit from Instagram. But Pinterest is a huge second. Because this platform connects and has a huge reach with blog topics.

Batch your content – pick a time of day, or day of the week, that you can add a spot on your calendar. Find a time you’re alone so you can focus. And a time of day you feel the most creative. For some that’s 5 am, others it’s 9 am, and others it’s 9 pm. Schedule that time. Prioritize it!
And Don’t worry about posting every day if it feels overwhelming.

Get Consistent – whatever that looks like for you. It doesn’t have to be every day. But the look and feel should be consistent. The photos should look clear. And show up on a consistent basis. So every day is an option, but not for everyone. You could be consistent by posting every Monday Wednesday and Friday for example. Just be consistent.

Get rid of the Fear – Appreciate THOSE FOLLOWERS that did take time to like, comment, or share. Gratitude for who showed up for you. And who wants more of your content. Each one matters.
Imagine each follower as an Actual Physical Body. That’s probably a lot of people.
Also, consider how many clients or customers you can handle. Know how many people you can serve in a year. This will eliminate the need for having more and more followers.

Let’s Put This Episode Into Focus:

  1. Every Like IS a potential client
  2. Don’t let fear stop you from showing up
  3. Find time to build your business on social media
  4. Investigate the platform that suits your business
  5. Start Batching and Scheduling on Social
  6. Know your number – how many clients can your infrastructure handle?

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