Episode #2

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Nat & Ang dive into your Audience. Who they are, and what they want from you.

In order to know who your audience is, you first need to know what your brand is.
Your brand is the feeling your audience or avatar get while they work with you. It’s the words they use to describe your company or the experience.
So come up with 3 words that describe your business. And words that keep coming up.
Ang recalls back when Nat helped her come up with Ang’s branding words. And Best Friend kept coming up.

Niche-ing down is so important. Know exactly what you want to bring and give to your clients.
When you try and speak to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. Get specific in what your company has to offer, and get specific on who you are speaking to. It doesn’t mean you won’t get other clientele. But it’s more likely that you will get your dream client. It’s not the intention to eliminate certain clientele, but rather, get intentional.

Who is your avatar?
Again, get specific. Think of WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE CUSTOMER OR CLIENTELE you currently work with. Nat explains her avatar and gets very very specific.
The reason is that once you know WHO THAT PERSON IS, it’s much easier to write content. Because every time you write a post, a blog, or an email, imagine you are specifically talking to that person.

And now, what do they want from you?
First, start asking questions. We have some pretty incredible platforms that give us this opportunity, versus 20 years ago where it takes so long to get any research done on a business. We are fortunate to have these free platforms. For example:
Insta stories – polls, questions, multiple-choice. Asking questions in your posts for people to answer and give feedback.
Sometimes you will be surprised by the answers. And this gives you an opportunity to shift your sales.

Lastly, start giving MORE to your audience. Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, ASK.
Or Serve, Serve, Serve, Serve, Serve, Sell.
Be a farmer, not a hunter.
The more you give and educate to your audience, the more they trust you, the more they believe that you are the expert in this field. And then when you put an ASK out there, you will have a ton more engagement.
And more often than note, we have experienced that when we GIVE education, we rarely need to ask for anything. The give is what people respond to and decide to hire us on.

Let’s put this episode into focus:

  1. Find 3 branding words
  2. Hone in on your niches
  3. Create and be specific with your client avatar
  4. Speak directly to your ideal client
  5. Poll your audience
  6. Don’t let fear stop you
  7. Serve Serve Serve, and then sell
  8. Work on creating trust

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