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EP25 – The Benefits of Collaboration

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang are chatting about something near and dear to their hearts. Collaboration and all the benefits it brings. The Social Focus is a collaboration and the ladies chat about how it has benefited them not only professionally but also personally. This episode is all about the benefits of collaborating with others.

Collaborating is very similar to having an accountability partner.  Someone who can keep you on track and who you don’t want to let down!  How do you find the right people to collaborate with? How do you get started? Why eliminating the word competition from your vocabulary can be helpful and what to do when a collaboration goes south. Yup, they are chatting about it all!

To start, Nat and Ang discuss how The Social Focus collaboration began. While Nat believes that the universe was guiding her and she ultimately could see the potential of working as a team on many occasions. Ang agreed and felt it was a refreshing opportunity to collaborate and work less solo. Ultimately she felt they were able to create something really unique, together. 

What makes a good collaboration? The short answer? Respect and admiration. With a sprinkle of high energy and joy. Leave the insecurities, animosity and doubt at the door people.

Nat makes a great reference when speaking about accountability. Think of someone who needs a personal trainer. They most likely prefer to work with a personal trainer because of the commitment level. It makes it a lot harder to slack off or not meet the expectations. That is very similar to collaborating or building a partnership. There is an actual person to be accountable to!

Feeling lonely? This is another great reason to team up with someone! The entrepreneurial world can feel lonesome at times and whether it is a full partnership or a one-time collaboration – it may be just the thing to add some spark to your business. To this, the ladies chat about the fear of rejection from reaching out to someone to collaborate. Ang shares her experience at the 12:30 mark around collaborating with Nat – oh what a missed opportunity it would have been! The point? Don’t let your fear stop you. Somebody has to take the first step. And if it’s a no? Then tune into episode 22 where Nat talks all about the benefits of hearing and saying no. (We got you covered).

At the 16:50 mark, Nat shares a great example as to how two different businesses can find an opportunity to collaborate with.  She mentions a collab between two local businesses, Shiny Soul Creation and Two Sisters Naturals. Two completely different product-based businesses and their experience joining forces. It’s a great way to grow your following as your tribe can find their tribe and vice versa!

You can only serve so many clients, right? The ladies chat about how referring others in your industry is also a great form of collaboration. It is a chance to celebrate others in your niche and can be a great opportunity for it to be reciprocated. It’s basically community over the competition but guess what!? Competition is a silly word! Eliminate it from your vocabulary and all that is left is admiration, praise and community.

At the 25:00 mark, the ladies discuss what happens when a collaboration doesn’t work out. 

To start, boundaries, expectations and respect are all some of the items that should be discussed right from the get-go. In Nat and Ang’s case, they had deep conversations about what would happen if it didn’t work out as planned. It’s a vulnerable conversation but so important. 

To round out the episode, Nat shares a great example of a change in collaboration by mentioning the podcast Being Boss. Last year, one of the hosts of this top-ranked marketing podcast decided to step back. The way they handle this change was a great example.

So lovelies… who will you reach out to for a collaboration?!

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