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Three Instagram Features You May Not Be Using (but should be) for your Business – solo with Ang

In today’s solo episode, Ang shares three Instagram features (for business accounts) that can help you with engagement, connect with your audience and to save you time on the social platform. 

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and notice something new? You may have asked yourself, “how did they do that” or said, ‘well, this is new.” Ang is sharing three features that Instagram offers that you may not have even heard of… and some of them have been available longer than you think.

We’re always looking for ways to engage with our audience, especially our audience that is actively engaging with us. That’s where the newly released feature Pinned Comments comes into play. This feature allows you to pin (up to three) favourable or most valuable comments to the top of your post. Why is this important? First, it helps control the tone of the comments on your posts (keep it, positive people). It is also a great way to engage and “reward” those users who leave valuable and high-quality comments. Think of it as a positive testimonial that more of your audience will see because you can pin it to the top (that’s gold real estate space)! Be sure to tune in as Ang explains how this is done or you can always check out @thesocial.focus for a visual breakdown that they’re be sharing soon!

If you love IG stories and LIVE’s as much as Ang does, then listen up – because it’s all about creating a title for your IG LIVE. Imagine being invited to a “themed” party but nobody tells you the theme… hard to imagine what it’s all about right? The same goes for going LIVE on Instagram and your audience having no idea what you’re talking about. By adding a title to your LIVE, you now give context to your narrative. Why is that important? You’ll attract the right audience. Those followers who like, know and trust you are more likely to join you if you’re sharing something they need (not just what you ate for lunch that day.) What value can you offer? Are you sharing tips? Are you offering a solution to a pain-point? Explain what you are offering right in your title!

The last feature Ang shares is a time-saver. Are you constantly being asked the same questions over and over again? It could be, “what are your store hours” or, “where can I see your packages” or “I’d like to set up a consult, how do I proceed?” That’s where Quick Replies come in handy. And that’s exactly what it is… a quick reply/ response. You can set up messages and responses that are easy to add to the dm’s to effectively and efficiently respond to people reaching out. Ang goes through the step by step process to explain how you can set this up. Long gone are the days where you have to constantly write out the same message over and over again!

Did you find this helpful? Which feature are you most excited about implementing into your strategy? Screenshot the episode and share in your stories, tag @thesocial.focus and tell us what feature you are most excited about!

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