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They chat with Natalie Scott, a lifestyle coach
And start things off talking about where Natalie started her career in coaching. And through so many paths, within skiing, personal trainer, and then leading a group of women through a wellness company, realizing that coaching has been something she has done her entire life.

We ask her what career path she took to get here.
First in kinesiology, then interior design. And though they don’t seem to obviously link together, they do because:
Interior design is design for human bodies in space
Kinesiology is the study of the human body and space

I became burnt out in the interior design world, literally cringing at the thought of measuring anything ever again.
And in her life, she was running marathons and truly encouraging everyone about health and wellness.
After having conversations with Michael, her husband, he said “you should be training people in health and wellness”
I really loved helping women, moms, and after some time started coaching the trainers at her studio.
This inevitably led her to here, today, coaching women in their life and business.

We ask if she thinks she was born confident. Though a complete introvert, and terribly shy as a child, as well as many efforts with her parents getting her out of her comfort zone, this set the stage. Thru school sports, and living life in all kinds of capacities and experiences, confidence came through her knowing she can do anything as long as she believes in herself. So for all of you out there, look back, and see what you have accomplished, then it’s easier to see what more you can accomplish. It’s the evidence. And most people have this story of pushing past the fear and confidence will grow. And fear doesn’t define them.

If you love doing something, you do it with great enthusiasm. She can see times of her life where things were literally placed there by the universe. And though it’s pebbles often, it takes a Boulder in her life to make a huge turn. And as she was growing exponentially, and many pebbles were thrown her way, coaching was literally thrown into her lap. And she couldn’t deny it.

We ask if she believes people are born entrepreneurs or can be taught. And Through her childhood, she was surrounded by entrepreneurial-minded individuals, and taught to treat people with respect, and as if they are customers. She was already filled with this learning through her childhood. Which made it easier to put in place in her career. She doesn’t believe we’re born with it. But rather what skills we acquire over time.

Enthusiasm vs happiness
Content is on a lower vibration then happy. But happiness doesn’t actually propel us forward.
Whereas enthusiasm is a forward movement and inspires action, which is why it vibrates on a higher level.

In the social media space, where does she receive most of her clients from? Is it from social media?
And yes, although she has created many relationships in her community, all of her business comes from social media. It blows her mind, and she is beyond grateful for people to share themselves authentically. She started by sharing her growth as a mom and business owner. And that’s when people started to ask her to coach them. They love the progression, but also how she is sharing herself and empowering others to grow.

Does she set boundaries on what to share if herself? And this has been big for her. And she has personally had to work on this and create limits. She shares Only what would make a difference and give impactful pieces, but holds a place for her own energy. And experience has given her clarification on how to make time for her family. She has created an Empowered Schedule. Starting with herself, then her husband, then her family, and then serving from these 3 things. She needs to live the most harmonious life in order to help others. Her cup needs to be completely full and overflowing to be available.

She shares about how her fight or flight mode and the overworked body was failing her. And through multiple doctors, telling her to shift, she started to see how important it was to get some sort of balance.

We ask if she has been thru so much growth, and released certain relationships. Many many, and she feels that we’re all evolving and changing. Some will choose to grow with you. Others won’t. It doesn’t make them better or worse. It just is. Just a different place.

Working from anywhere means not being on a vacation. Peaks and valleys were what she Calls a time of her life. Where she’s going going going, then relaxing. But what if we just always kept a smooth flow and keeping things consistent. Creating a life you never have to take a vacation from.

We ask her to tell us about her morning ritual.
Affirmations and I am statements
1 hour of writing

What keeps her focused? Her heart….. and listen in on this answer!!!

Let’s put this episode into focus:
1 Share from a full cup
2 Create an empowered schedule
3 Creating a life you never have to take a vacation from.
4 Rejection is redirection
5 Look back from where you grew from
6 Be grateful for what hasn’t happened yet
7 Lifeless off the adrenaline and manage your flow
8 Create a system that separates your professional and personal life

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