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EP31 – Getting Comfortable With Networking – Solo with Nat

If you listened to this episode, CONGRATULATIONS! Because you are probably a goal seeker! And this is truly one of the best things Nat ever did for her business.

NETWORK! Yes, that word is not very sexy. But it’s extremely important to grow.

So in today’s episode, Nat dives deep into the many kinds of networking you can do, how to do it, and what to avoid to succeed in networking. Including some tips on being engaging on Social Media. Because Instagram is also another form of networking.

First, she chats about BNI, Business Networking International. This was her first taste of Networking. And though terrified every week to stand up and talk, it also forced her to think about her goals in her business, to think on her feet, and to get comfortable with public speaking. It got her out of her comfort zone and knowing that public speaking didn’t kill her gave her whole new confidence.

Nat lists off a few other types of groups that are similar:

Professional Women’s groups



Professional associations in your own field

The next type of networking she loved being a part of is a Mastermind. This is levelling up your business. And joining a group of professionals that are a step ahead of you, and are all individuals you have huge respect for. So that as you learn more, and try to reach your goals, these professionals have been thru it, and have walked the same path. So their advice is spot on.

Networking Online is so important these days. You can get out there and engage in many different forms. Facebook groups can be found for every single niche. In fact, if you know what your target audience’s interests are, you can head over to Facebook and find a group to join. 

In our Social Storytellers Membership Facebook Group, we have been told by a number of members this is one of the most valuable parts of the membership. Some members have found accountability partners to help meet their goals. Others have found new prospective customers. And have sold their product and/or services in the group.

Nat explains some tips one HOW TO NETWORK.

Tip number 1 is don’t be a hunter, be a farmer. Support the individuals in the group. Instead of always looking to Get something from the group. Farming is the long game and this is how we connect with other business owners.

Tip number 2 is to show up more often. This creates Trust because others will see you as committed to them and to the group. This will also help build your reputation.

Tip number 3 gives to give. In BNI they referred to the GIVERS GAIN motto. The idea is that if you are giving, the more likely it is that you will also receive it.

Tip number 4 educate and give advice by helping someone who is a few steps behind you. This will help them succeed. Be the problem solver, and be the person that shows up in your posts with solutions.

Tip number 5 remember that it doesn’t cost any money to network on social media and truly engage with your followers. Share someone’s post. Comment with an actually engaged message. DM someone who’s stories has hit home for you.

This is all networking. 

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