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8 Ways Instagram in the New Business Card

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang share 8 ways that Instagram is the new business card. If you think about it – your IG profile shares all of the information that a paper card would. Except there is so much more you can share. How amazing is it that we can give our audience (ie: potential customers and clients) an inside look at what it looks like to connect, shop our products or book our services?

Times are changing and social media is a fast and efficient way for new prospects to find you. The downside to business cards; they typically end up in the recycling or the bottom of a purse or in the deep depths of that junk drawer (you know what we’re talking about). 

Here are eight ways Instagram is the new business card (and why you should make sure you’re set up that way!):

1. If you guided those same prospects to your social media profile, you now have the opportunity to show up more often, with tangible education, personality, and opportunity to gain their trust.

2. Your Bio contains everything your business card would consist of anyways. Except so much more. Be sure to include your name, contact details like your website, email and phone number (if you have a business account on Instagram, they make it easy for you to add your contact details!)

3. Your feed is like an advertisement  – without being actually an ad. Here you can show who you are, what you offer and how you can serve them.

4. Using your highlights like a  Movie Trailer. Here is a way to give your audience an interactive glimpse as to who you are, who you serve and what makes you different.

5. Your Instagram Stories are your reality show. An opportunity to be candid and to show more of your personality and a behind the scenes glimpse at your business and personal life. 

6. Your IGTV and videos are your talk show. Think of a talk show you’ve watched. It can be educational, informative and a great way to host an interview. 

7. Reels. The newest feature on Instagram is a quick 15-second video opportunity to share with your audience. These are great for behind the scenes, show personality and connect quickly and efficiently with your audience. 

8. Most importantly, Instagram now allows you to build a connection, and actually be SOCIAL with that prospect. 

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