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At the helm of the popular blog Stems & Forks, Betty Binon takes a refined approach to share her three passions in life: flowers, cooking, and photography. Based in Toronto, Canada, she has built a successful multi-faceted brand after nearly twenty years in the floral design business. She sold the thriving business in 2013 to embrace a balanced lifestyle with more family time and immersion in all things creative. Since the shift in career, Binon’s photography is highly sought-after by brands for her distinct chiaroscuro style and storytelling. Her workshops sell out to prominent artists and content creators around the world. Just a few brands Binon freelances for include CBC, Kate Hudson’s King Street Vodka, Peroni Beer, and Paderno. Betty Binon has also been featured in numerous International publications, King Arthur Sift, Where Women Cook, Vogue Greece, and Thrive Magazine, Kids Magazine, France, Air Canada enRoute.

Betty shares that her background as a florist is a big reason why she has infused botanicals into her styling and photography. She felt that she was able to blend her passion for florals, food and photography together.  After closing her corporate florals business of 18 years, Betty decided to pursue her passions more intimately starting with enrolling in school for pastry arts. As luck would have it, the school closed one week before she was set to start. This led her to taking up photography again and began to teach herself how to bake. She began sharing her culinary creations and photography work through her blog. 

Pivoting Passion into A Business. 

What was one of the biggest challenges taking a passion and a hobby into a monetized business? Simple answer from Betty? Fear. She admits that in the beginning she found the industry of bloggers and blogging to be oversaturated and had to navigate our that to make her mark and stand out. 

“I don’t think balance exists.”

Is there a balance in your life and business? Betty’s take on balance is extremely interesting as she believes that if you are good at your craft; then something has got to give. She admits that she doesn’t have balance. But as long as you’re OK with what you’re doing; and not killing yourself with guilt – then there is nothing wrong with an imbalanced life. 

Working with other brands as en Entrepreneur.

Betty has worked with some of the most recognized brands as she styles and photographs their products; including brands like Paderno, Lindt and Peroni. She shares that she has been reached out to by these brands and has not had to pitch her work. She relates this back to having to create good content and sharing material that resonates with those specific brands. She also notes that the numbers help. Betty has grown an amazing following through her Instagram account @stemsandforks over the past four years. 

The reality behind growing a large following on Instagram.

Betty relates her growth success on Instagram where these two things: create good content and practice meaningful engagement. What is good content for Instagram? Good content is imagery that can move you. From there, your audience is most likely to continue to read the caption.  

Striving for perfection or simply understanding your potential?

Betty shares that once you know what your potential is and you are infusing passion into your work, how can you settle (and produce) anything that is less than your full potential. It’s not striving for perfection but more striving to create your absolute best work.

To round out the episode, Betty shares two tips – one on styling and the other for photography. You don’t want to miss that!

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