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Welcome back to Instagram for Business with The Social Focus!

In today’s episode, your co-host and Social Stylist, Ang; is on the mic solo and sharing what social styling is and how you can incorporate your style into your social strategy.

So what is social styling?

Ang’s role as a stylist is to create and curate setups and scenes that best reflects the client’s products or services so as to appeal to their audience and customer on social media.

For example – if you are a product-based business – when you’re about to take photos either of your products or for your business in general, ask yourself:

  • Will this image show my clients how they can use my product?
  • Does this show them what it is made of?
  • Does this show them who it is for?
  • Does this image show them how they can purchase or where to buy it?

Another example for a service based business; consider asking yourself:

  • does this show my personality?
  • Does this image give an idea of what it is like to work with me?
  • Will this show them how to connect with me?

Are you following? Tune in to hear a great example as to how this is beneficial. But basically, the point of this is to create images that answer your clients or potential client’s and buyer’s questions.

3 Ways to Incorporate Your Style into Your Social Strategy

1 – be consistent with your brand colours and tones.

2. Another easy way to implement your style into your images is with your wardrobe and accessories.

3. When you are styling and setting up to take your photos, be sure to take multiple shots.Γ‚ 

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