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Whether online or offline, the same fears exist.  How do you learn to hone your skills and truly find and celebrate that inner confidence?

In today’s episode, WE are in the hot seat! We were interviewed by Michelle Risi of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast for Realtors show earlier this year and we felt that it was too good not to share with our listeners!

We chat about how we got started creating Instagram for Business with The Social Focus podcast, our business partnership, balancing a collaboration as well as our family life. 

We even get into the different types of personalities including being an introvert and extrovert. This discussion gets deep and even we get vulnerable chatting about fears and confidence both personally and in business. 

It’s a great conversation and we were thrilled to be guests on Michelle’s podcast. 

To connect with Michelle Risi, click on of the links below:

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast for Realtors



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