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Instagram Bio Update with The social focus

5 Instagram Bio Updates to Attract More Customers

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang chat about your Instagram Bio and why keep ingot up to date is one of the best strategies you can do for your business on Instagram. Why is a clear, concise and updated bio so important?  When someone lands on your feed – this is their first introduction to you. They may have seen one of your images or your account tagged in a post. But once they land on your feed, aside from taking a glimpse at your images, they will most likely read your bio. And it is here where they will decide if you are going to be worth pressing that FOLLOW button.

Here are five ways to update your Instagram Bio to attract the right (and more ), customers or clients.

  1. Be sure to state who you are serving. If you read your bio and feel it is not clear as to who you serve – you need an update! Need some help with this?? Ask one of your favourite clients or customers to describe you!
  2. Show some personality. You want to ensure that they feel connected to you. What is something unique to your personality or business style that you can share?
  3. Give them value! Have something tangible that they can access. It could be a link in bio with a free download. Offer them something right away. 

4. Keep it clean and easy to read. You only have so many seconds to connect and grab someone’s attention. Don’t use off fonts that are hard to read or too many emojis.

5. Make the best use out of your Name and Username. It should be clear, easy to read and should include keywords that are searchable in the name section. 

Other tips include tags if you have access to other accounts, use emojis for aesthetics and or to replace certain words because space is limited or to stand out (ie: using a mic to refer to a podcast) and ensure that you have the proper category for your business.

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