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EP38 – Nat & Ang’s Top Books for Business and Personal Development

You know that feeling when you close a book and you feel inspired? What’s the first thing you do? We’re going to guess that you’ll SHARE it with someone you know who would love to feel the same way.

In today’s episode of Instagram for Business with The Social Focus, we are sharing our favourite books that have educated and inspired us both personally and professionally. We’re going into detail with our top two picks but sharing some other gems that we loved including Goldie Hawn’s, “A Lotus Grows in the Mud”, and Amy Poehler’s, “Yes Please”.

What type of reader are you? Nat is a quiet Sunday morning reader on the couch where Ang is all about audiobooks and has a subscription with Audible. She tunes in while multi-tasking; going for a walk, doing the dishes and while driving. 

So what are our top books for personal development and business?

Nat starts with a book by Seth Godin, “This is Marketing.” It is all about creating value and making connections with your current and future customers. It’s about the long term success over the short term buzz that people will quickly forget about.

Effective marketing now relies on empathy and service. – SG.

It’s summarized into five steps:

  • invent a thing worth making that contributes to people’s lives
  • Build it in a way that they can benefit from
  • Tell a story that supports the narrative of those people’s dreams
  • Spread the word
  • Show up regularly for years consistently to lead in the change you seek to make

What you say is not nearly as important as what people say about you. – SG.

One of Nat’s favourite quotes is, “If you can bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind, status, or one of the other most desired emotions, you’ve done something worthwhile. The thing you sell is simply a road to achieve those emotions, and we let everyone down when we focus on the tactics, not the outcomes. Who’s it for and what’s it for are the two questions that guide all of our decisions.”

Nat’s second selection is, the E-Myth Revisited and it explains why 80% of small businesses fail and how to ensure yours isn’t among those by building a company that’s based on systems and not on the work of a single individual. He refers to three business personalities and how important it is to balance them:

The entrepreneur

The technician

The manager

Her favourite quote from this is, “If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job…And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic!”

Ang’s first pic is Jen Sincero’s, “You are a Bad Ass at Making Money.” She loved some of the practicality of it and how Sincero mixed in some “woo” and mindset.

Ang’s favourite quote is,  “What you focus on you create more of, so if the plan is to get rich, you’re gonna want to focus on abundance as much as possible. Give as much as you can as often as you can, receive with gratitude and joy, think of money as your pal, raise your frequency and get in the flow…”

Ang’s second pick is, “Wishes Fulfilled -Mastering the Art of Manifestation” By Dr. Wayne W Dyer. In summary, it’s tapping into an endless energy source which changes your concept of self. Dyer shares his admiration for his mentor Neville Goddard, a popular speaker on metaphysical themes – Dyer suggests repeating the affirmations: “I am all-knowing, I am all-powerful, I am unlimited.” Ang felt incredibly inspired by this (to which she listened to on Audible) and found Dyer’s narration to be very soothing and comforting. Two of her favourite quotes are,  “The greatest gift that you were ever given was the gift of your imagination” and, “Make your future dream a present fact, by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

We also shared a few notable books worth checking out such as:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachael Hollis

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

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