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EP39 – How this Brick & Mortar Business Pivoted During the Pandemic – with Meghan Muise

When Meghan Muise and her Business Partner Lindsay Haley created Ripe Juicery; they had the vision to create a space that made plant-based foods and juicing accessible to everyone. With a passion for health, they opened their doors to Ripe Juicery in Barrie, Ontario Canada. With three locations serving all plant-based, organic and gluten-free menu items, their dream became a reality. 

What wasn’t part of that vision was a global pandemic that had many brick and mortar businesses ordered to close their doors. In today’s episode, we chat with Meghan about her initial reaction to the news as well as her first order of business in response to the pandemic and her day to day business operations. She speaks openly about her fear and anger in response to what was happening and how she allowed herself some time to sit in those feelings before making any decisions to move forward. 

Meghan discusses the power of social media and her gratitude for having built up a large and loyal following in order to keep her audience and customers up to date with their weekly changes. She also reflects on operating her business with her best friend and business partner and how they navigated this new direction together. And from there, they began to hash out a plan to continue to make their products accessible to their customers.

Meghan shares that the business model they had come to know and love was completely flipped upside down. And even with the closures, fear, no child careened a  lot of overhead; they were able to pivot and move forward in their business. This is one episode you do not want to miss. Meghan’s inspiring story will leave you feeling lifted…. And craving a fresh plant-based juice!

Enjoy the show!

RIPE was created by Meghan Muise and Lindsay Haley, two friends that have followed very different paths in life that both led them to the same place, health. They fell in love with plant-based diets and juicing as a way of life, not a trend. The idea evolved from a collective longing for accessible, fresh raw juice and the need for a place to come to rehydrate and revitalize. They believe that friendship and green juice go hand in hand. Juicing has changed their lives for the better and they want to spread the love with juice.

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