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Nat’s solo today, and she gets into some great takeaways on how to write better captions. And this could truly be used for most platforms.
She keeps is point form and straight forward. And puts the episode into focus.

  1. Ray Edward said “There is no such thing as too long. But there is such a thing as too boring”.
    We have all seen these posts, where they go on and on and on. And truthfully, I just don’t have time to read, and then actually engage afterwards, with a post that rambles. On the flip side, we have all seen great long posts, but are eloquently written. Ask a friend to read it if you’re unsure it is too long.
  2. Actually there is such thing as too long. Feel out your audience. Check your insights and see which posts do well. IF you notice the ones that are 2 or 3 sentences long, for example, are getting lots of love, then there ya have it. Stick with 2 or 3 sentences. The stats don’t lie!
  3. Make it look visually appealing. Break it up with bullets and subheads, or even emojis. The nicer it looks, the more likely your audience will stop and read it.
  4. Write it as if it’s coming directly from your voice. Like the way, you speak directly to your very favourite client. A thing of that avatar, and imagine a conversation you would be having with them. A question they may have asked you over a cup of coffee. And how you would give them feedback or an answer.
  5. Read it out loud to yourself. If it doesn’t sound like something you would write, backspace and write that sentence again. Be authentic. Your audience will see right through it.
  6. Hire a copywriter. Yes, it’s okay to find someone who is great at writing. It’s okay to say no to something you don’t feel very good at, or even something you just don’t love doing.
  7. Sell from time to time. Don’t be a hunter. Be a farmer who grows the relationship.
    Ignore the fear of writing. Just keep trying and You will get better at it.

Let’s Put this Episode into focus:

  1. Don’t be boring
  2. Is it too long?
  3. Make it visually appealing
  4. Speak to your avatar
  5. Readout loud
  6. Hire a copywriter
  7. Be a farmer, not a hunter.

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