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EP41 Social Boundaries

EP41 – Creating Social Boundaries & Staying Safe

When do we say the words, Social Boundaries; what comes to mind? For us, it is maintaining a separation between sharing too much of our personal lives with our business presence on social media. For example, when we are with our families, we are very mindful to be present in those moments. 

It is a big reason why we plan out a lot of our social media content. We try to be intentional in order to craft really good content in an organized manner rather than trying to come up with something on the spot. A great technique for sharing in stories is to capture video in stories and save it for a time when you can properly add text, tags and hashtags (and not feel rushed to simply hit ‘share’ with no real context). 

How much sharing of your personal life, is too much on social media? When it comes to utilizing social media for your business, we recommend that you be mindful of how much of your personal life you share. It’s wonderful to show your personality but ultimately, if you are using the account for your business, it should account for the majority of your content. If you enjoy sharing a lot of your personal life, it may be time to create a private or personal account. 

Can you be too personal on social? Nat’s take is that she would only share as much on Instagram as she would sitting next to someone on an airplane. When you put it in that perspective, you’re not going to share your address and personal details that are irrelevant and also not needed or related. However, if that is the audience you serve and you’ve created a business that focuses on personal topics, your personal experience and vulnerability and that is what your audience can expect from you then you will be serving that audience appropriately. 

Quality over Quantity… we get it, you want more followers. But if you are bringing your business to social media, you need to be in control of who gets access to your content. As a business account, anyone can see and follow you. But if they are not going to share, like, save and engage, then they are not qualified, followers. And the reality is, there are still fake accounts and bots out there. And the more you have following you, the more your engagement will decrease. Our advice? Be mindful and aware when you see you have a new follower. 

Your time is valuable. And so is building connections. We suggest that you limit “the scroll” and actively participate and engage. Treat Instagram the way you want to be treated. But we get it – it takes time! Our advice? Set a timer to actively engage on Instagram. And engaging doesn’t just include liking a photo. Comment what you like about it. Ask a question. Get into the dm’s. 

To round up the episode, we chat about safety. Have you ever shared an image with your home in the background? Is the house number visible? Have you ever shared a video of you walking your kids to school and the school’s location and the name could easily be figured out? This isn’t to scare you but there are so many ways your personal safety can be compromised on social so we’re sharing some helpful tips to keep you mindful and safe. 

Enjoy the show!

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