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EP42 – What the Faq? – Our most frequently ask questions (LONG VERSION)

Inside our private membership community, The Social Storytellers; we host two live Q&A Coaching Calls every month. They are amazing conversations that get our members the answers they are looking for and more times than not; they are related to Instagram and social media for business. 

In this episode, we are sharing our answers with YOU to our most frequently asked questions…. Otherwise, know as to what the FAQ?

What are the burning questions we will be answering?

  1. Why is it good to post every day? Can it be just as beneficial to post 3 times per week and do stories as more of an every day thing? 

Here’s the deal – you have the opportunity to grow 7 x faster if you post daily. However, if the thought of developing imagery and captions is daunting and just plain overwhelming, we suggest to do one thing and one thing only…. Be consistent. Develop a consistent strategy that works for you. And over time, if you can; try to increase the consistency. In terms of Instagram Stories, even if you shared a quick video or shared someone else’s image daily can assist with your engagement. 

2. How do I get comfortable posting about myself?

This is one of those questions that we have heard time over time over time. To start, if you are on Instagram for your business – as an entrepreneur and it is YOUR business; then it is incredibly important to be showing up on your feed and in stories. Your audience, potential clients and customers want to like, know and trust you. If you are not showing up (even occasionally) you won’t be able to build connections. You will be a stranger.

Our suggestion? Try to include an image of yourself in at least every nine posts so that if someone lands on your feed, they don’t have to search far to find an image of you. 

3. Is it worth posting outside your follower’s regular usage hours (from analytics) to try and attract a different audience?

Utilizing Instagram Insights is a great way to learn about your audience. But it shouldn’t be confused with accurately forecasting when and what time your ideal audience is online. The insights showing your audience most active times is calculated on the previous seven days and all times are noted in Pacific Standard Time (PST). That is why we strongly suggest to experiment. Try posting at different times of the days and manually keep track to see what works. Keep in mind that things are constantly changing and users are using the platform differently (especially during a pandemic). When in doubt, keep an eye on what works and try to be as consistent as possible. Utilizing proper hashtags and crafting great imagery and captions will never do you any harm.

4. How long is too long for a post?

Ask yourself this question, when you are scrolling through Instagram and you stop on a post that intrigues you. You click the ‘read more’ and what unfolds? A lengthy caption requires you to scroll more. How does that make you feel? 

We have said this inside our community as well as on the podcast – there’s a reason why Instagram has the INSTA in it. People want their information and they want it fast We feel that having a good hook (your first line of the caption) and a clear call to action can serve you much better.

And if you are the type who loves to write long captions – this is a great opportunity for you! You could continue to write out the caption and create a blog that can be hosted on your website (which is amazing for SEO). That way you can share a snippet and include a call to action for your audience to ‘click the link in bio’ to read more. 

The other opportunity is to write it out and break it up. You could even make this part of your strategy and have a post one of three. Share a portion of your message in one post and let your audience know to check back tomorrow for the rest. These are some ways to repurpose and extend the life of your captions. 

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