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Writing Copy that Sells – With Maria Hyde

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of storytelling and we were thrilled that our guest on today’s episode includes the work storytelling right in her bio! Today we are chatting with Maria Hyde, Owner of @essentialcopy – which helps modern lifestyle brands tell their story through meaningful copy. She shares some amazing techniques to attract the right audience and speak directly to them and to their needs. 

After having children (two little sweethearts) Maria felt that the corporate lifestyle wasn’t quite working for her and decided to pursue her passion for writing and enter the entrepreneurial world. She started as a freelancer and soon realized that the larger corporation already had in-house writers so she saw an opportunity to assist smaller businesses and brands with their copy needs. 

We loved that Maria shared that she would see brands and could already envision what stories they could write and instead of waiting or hoping for an opportunity to work with them, she pitched her work to those businesses she wanted to work with. 

So how much time should you invest in crafting your captions for social media? Maria is completely candid and admits that she is guilty of overthinking it and taking too much time. She does however mention that it is important to create thoughtful content with intention and to write when you feel inspired. 

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when writing your captions? Know. Your. Audience. You want to know your audience and you want to be relevant and relatable. What’s the best way to do that? Be mindful of your hook! You’ll want to get the attention with the first line of your caption in order to encourage them to read on. 

Where do people struggle the most for writing? Maria shares that she finds that people struggle the most with their caption writing for Instagram which is really attributed back to knowing your audience. She also notices that entrepreneurs tend to have difficulty talking about themselves. She reveals that it is important to talk about yourself and be authentic. 

What are three things you feel people should be mindful of when sitting down to write their captions? Know your audience and do your research! Maria even revealed that you should be stalking your ideal audience. What are they saying? Where do they shop? What are they sharing? It’s a strategy that big marketing agencies use and you can too. She also suggests using the same words that your ideal audience is using. Secondly, be intentional. When you have a purpose you can have a better direction. And lastly, be sure to add a call to action to your posts. Direct or tell your audience what you want them to do next. 

What’s an example of good storytelling? Maria was sweet enough to share that we are good storytellers and uses an example of a post that Nat shared. It was a very personal post that created a feeling that people could resonate with. When you can create an experience for your audience they will feel more connected to you. 

As usual, we love to ask our guests two surprise questions. The first being what is your morning routine? Maria explains that it is a bit crazy in the morning with her two children, ages five and two. She is not a morning person but does try and get a lot of her creative work completed in the morning. And when she can, she does try and journal. 

And to round up the interview, we ask, what is the biggest failure you’ve ever had? Maria’s answer will amaze you! She responds by saying that she hasn’t had that many failures and within that, not having that many failures have kept her stuck. 

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