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EP 44 – Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways – solo with Ang

You know what they say, ‘what doesn’t kill you make you stronger…” ‘Your limitation—it’s only your imagination…’ On today’s episode of Instagram for Business with The Social Focus, Ang is solo and sharing why you should ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyways…’

You know that pit in your stomach you sometimes get? You now when you’re having trouble making a decision that it physically makes you ill. The heart palpitations, the sweaty palms? These are all GOOD signs! Yes, good signs! It’s in these moments when we feel scared and unsure that we can see the most progress.

Back in 2019, Ang had multiple entrepreneurial projects on the go. She was running her Styling business, she was running her wedding planning business and she was even running an online shop. In addition to those ventures she was holding down a part-time job… while being a mom (whose son was only in daycare part-time) and wife. She was basically trying to do “all the things.”

In this episode Ang talks about fear and the risk she took when she decided to close the doors to not just her wedding business, but also to her online shop AND quitting her part-time job. You may be thinking, ‘is she nuts?”

You may be trying to do “all the things” for your business right now and this episode may provide clarity. You see, when we can being to let some things go, it allows us to truly focus and gain momentum and progress. When it comes to our business, it is so important to be clear on our niche, who our audience is and what we can provide. 

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