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EP47 – Being an Artist isn’t Cute. It’s a Business – Interview with Jane Monteith

In today’s episode of Instagram for Business with The Social Focus, we are chatting with, Jane Monteith. Jane is an international selling artist, online educator and author of the book The Ultimate Pouring & Painting Project book. Her style of smaller collage works called MOD Minis is what gained her recognition as an artist. She has taught thousands of artists online and continues to evolve with new ideas and modern techniques.

After running a mural design business for over a decade and constantly travelling, Jane took to the idea of working from home and earning an income by creating art. Jane transitioned her art business online and began sharing and selling her bold collage style resin work through her social media platforms.

  1. Have you always been an artist? And is this how you first showed up on Instagram?

While Jane has always considered herself creative, she admits that she has been in many different roles in her career but began to pursue her career as an artist in the last ten tears. And like many entrepreneurs, her start on Instagram was not what it is today. In fact, she began her Instagram account to showcase fitness – including showcasing bodybuilding. It was here where she began to divulge the opportunity to monetize Instagram for her art business. In two years, she has been able to grow her Artist account on Instagram from 2000 followers to over 111,000 followers.

2. What makes you feel inspired to create?

Like many creatives, we sometimes find ourselves in a rut. Jane remarks that she, “can’t do anything until it shows up.” And also like many of us, she admits to searching on Pinterest and keep in g an eye out for things that may inspire her to get creative. She also does the same with Instagram but shares that it isn’t always the best path to take as it is easy to go down the rabbit hole, and can leave one feeling less inspired or even behind. Basically, it can become that awful feeling of comparing ourselves san dour work to others. 

3. At what point of this career did you begin getting sponsorship? What does This look like? How did you approach this with a company?

Jane shares that once her Instagram account reached close to the 50K mark in followers, that she began to be approached for sponsorships. Now while sponsorships may be the ultimate jackpot for some businesses on Instagram; Jane reveals that many companies seek to compensate accounts with free product. When you break down the time and effort that goes into creating for these companies; it doesn’t quite make sense to be doing so if you are not being compensated. Her advice to have a media kit available that includes your rates.

4. Do you feel your videos or photos create more engagement on Instagram? Why do you feel that’s the outcome? 

Jane says that her videos tend to do very well for her on Instagram as it I san opportunity to show her art process. 

5. Do you use any other platforms to monetize with? Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

Jane reveals that 95% of her earnings come from Instagram. These monetizations come through paid collaborations, her book and online courses including her new online program; Mixed Media. One of the biggest keys to monetization is to have multiple streams coning in. She also reveals that she utilizes Pinterest to drive traffic to her Instagram account. 

6. What are your 3 favourite tools on Instagram?

Currently, Jane is loving the new feature, Reels. With little time and effort required, it is easier to craft some great quick videos that can provide good engagement and reach.

She also loves utilizing Instagram Stories to extend her reach with including hashtags and the swipe up feature. 

Let’s put this episode into focus:

  1. Go find inspiration in other artistic realms
  2. When approached for a collaboration, make sure that it is the right fit for you
  3. It’s really important to have multiple streams of income
  4. Video is key on social media. Use it to show your audience your process

Connect with Jane Monteith!

Online https://www.janelovesdesign.com 

Instagram @janelovesdesign

Pinterest Janelovesdesign

YouTube: Jane Monteith

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Rainbows by Kevin MacLeod

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