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EP48 – 4 Simple Tips To Improve Your Photos

Instagram is a visual Medium to connect to your followers. So, can you guess what’s a really innovative way to attract more followers? It’s actually quite simple. The answer is through beautiful and engaging photos.

Nat is solo today, and sharing her 4 simplest tips to improve your photos. And since this episode is coming out around the holidays, which was on purpose, this was a perfect time to learn these new tricks. Because photos are taken the most this time of year. But keep in mind, this could be used all year long, and ultimately, better your Instagram feed from mediocre to stellar.

If you haven’t listened back to one of the first episodes, you may not know that Nat is a photographer.

She began in the photography industry 22 years ago, and has run a photography studio for 18 years.

If you haven’t already figured it out, with some fast math, she started in this industry shooting with film and old school cameras, and spending many days and nights in a dark room watching 1 photo at a time appear before her eyes in a pool of chemicals. 

Many adults can’t recall a time that digital cameras did not exist. Let alone taking photos on phones. Quite often many business owners forget, or take for granted, that back in the day, a photographer HAD TO BE HIRED! And Now, there’s a camera in their pocket, with the ability to create, no lie, professional looking photos. 

So here are the absolute Simplest tips to implement.

#1. Keep it simple. Declutter your space, and use negative space.

#2. Clean Your lens. Make sure to use an actual lens cleaner, like one you would have received when you purchased reading glasses or sunglasses

#3. Take Many Angles. Get your shot, and then move around, and take a few more. Just another way you can batch out your content.

#4. Edit Your Photos. Using great apps like Snapseed to edit and beautify your images. This is what makes it look professional.

In the episode Nat reviews these tips and tricks in depth, and also does a run down of how long it would take to create 5 to 10 photos from start to finish. 

Best Case Scenario = 5 minutes

Worse Case = 20 minutes

Hopefully this helped remove some of the intimidation with smartphone photography. Tag @thesocial.focus when you share that beautiful edited image on Instagram.

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