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EP49 – Our Gift to You – Intentional Visualization through the Inspired Door – Interview with The Heart Inspired Entrepreneur, Natalie Scott

It’s the holiday season and we wanted to share a gift to all of our incredible listeners. In today’s episode, we welcome back Natalie Scott, The Heart Inspired Entrepreneur. And she shared her wisdom and inspiration to lead a more heart inspired life and just before the 15-minute mark – she has a treat for all of us. Her Inspired Door Visualization.

Natalie is an inspirational Business & Life Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur who is empowering women to find a balance between abundant success and fulfillment. Through her latest subscription, The Heart Inspired Lifestyle, a uniquely illuminating digital bundle of luxuriously inspired things that she loves; she delivers inspiration, empowerment and a few of her ‘favourite things’ to members monthly.

Of the many inclusions in her monthly subscription, there is often a visualization. Natalie gifted us with a sample of the guided visualization and we hope that you tune in (especially overt holidays) when you feel you need a little refresh and a spark.

Before we are treated with the visualization, we ask Natalie to explain to us what Heart Inspired Living is all about and how can we implement more of it into our lives?

As an active user on Instagram, Natalie shares which features are her favourite not only to inspire and empower women but also as a business tool to authentically reach and connect to her ideal audience. And spoiler alert – it is one of the easiest Instagram features to use and you can start implementing these strategies right away!

Lastly, if her guided visualization wasn’t enough of a gift, she also shares her best practices for self-care. In her three steps, she explains that implementing three levels of self-care practice into your life can have massive benefits and rewards. And it’s not just hot bubble baths (although Ang will tend to differ).

For more information on living and leading a Heart Inspired Life, follow Natalie Scott, The Heart Inspired Entrepreneur on Instagram @theheartinspiredentrepreneur or to Jon her monthly subscription to The Heart Inspired Lifestyle, click HERE.

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