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EP50 – 5 Excuses Holding you Back from Growing on Instagram

We are live! (Well, we WERE live)

In today’s episode, we’re sharing the recording of our live broadcast at the 2020 Xcelerate Summit, Central Ontario’s Premier Business Event. This summit was hosted virtually this year and they kindly reached out to ask if we would host a live recording of Instagram for Business with the Social Focus for their 200+ attendees. 

So what topic do we decide for the attendees who are business owners and entrepreneurs? We chat about excuses… specifically, five excuses that are are holding you back from growing on Instagram. 

What’s excuse #1? We hear it all the time…. Yup, ‘TIME’! We get it, we all have busy schedules, a business to run and families to manage. But carving out time is so incredibly important for growth. And we go into detail on how to manage your time better for Instagram. 

Excuse #2 – ‘nobody wants to hear about me’. Say what? How can anyone like, trust and get to know you if you don’t share who you are and why you do what you do!?

Excuse # 3 – ‘organic growth on social media is dead’. No way! And we spill the beans on why organic growth is still possible and ways you can organically reach your ideal audience to grow your business on Instagram. 

Excuse #4 – ‘I don’t have any professional photos’. Well thank goodness we’re here. Photos are our specialty and we share exactly how to eliminate that excuse and start your Instagram photo library to help you sell more of your products and services while building solid connections!

And lastly, excuse #5  – ‘I’ve never had a sale on social media so I guess it doesn’t work.’ Well, that is true if you simply post a photo with a caption and sit back and wait. We’re gonna tell you right now – if that is your strategy; you’ll never get a sale on social media. No way no how. BUT! If you’re willing to put these strategies and techniques into place, we know you can start to build a solid following and sales through Instagram. 

Thank you for tuning in to episode 50!! And the last episode of 2020! If you haven’t already, we would love for you to leave a rating and a review on Apple Podcasts! It helps us grow and reach more savvy business owners like you!

More about the Xcelerate Summit:


Xcelerate Summit is 96 hours of practical, actionable business advice, real-world knowledge, inspiration and one-degree networking.

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