Episode #52 | Interview with Laura Foster

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EP52 – Interview with Laura Foster

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Dr. Laura Foster is a coach to women, retreat leader, yogi, mom of two and blended family of six and retired chiropractor. After 24 years in private practice in Ontario, Canada she left full-time chiropractic practice so that she could show up fully in the work that she is meant to do at this time in her life. This coincided with a move back to her roots in British Columbia. As someone who could always tap into the words that weren’t being said, she has blended her gift of holding space with speaking truth with love and intention. To clients, patients or colleagues, she is known for helping women create clarity, grounding and deep honouring for themselves and the gifts they bring to the world. Dr. Laura works 100% with women in one-on-one coaching, group programs and within her 10-week online program called ROOTS – a gracious and gentle deep dive into the work that allows women to develop their foundation for their own rise. When she isn’t flowing on her yoga mat or plugged into her headphones on zoom, she is often found crafting the perfect cup of coffee, hiking the trails of the Okanagan or gathering her favourite humans around her kitchen island. 

We are thrilled to share with you some of the inspiring techniques, resources and advice Laura shares with us. We ask her:

Can you tell us about your journey from Chiropractor to mindset coach?

Laura shares that this shift was really inspired by taking her practice and time with er patients to the next level. A more thought-provoking and connected relationship that focused on the conversations that women should be having in the personal and health areas of their lives. She describes that she was able to honour her gifts and it is truly inspiring. 

You recently made a massive change in your life (moving across the country). One that many of us would call courageous. Would you say you felt complete fear, complete confidence, or a mix of both making this move? She shares that while your brain is hardwired for safety and security and she was initially fearful. When she “dropped down into {her} heart” she was focused on the relation to soul and intuition. When she focused on what her soul and intuition were telling her, she knew that it was the right decision. 

3. What are the ongoing boundary issues you see in many of your clients? How about boundaries around social media? Laura speaks about boundaries often and refers to the queen of boundaries, Brene Brown and explains their boundaries are not just one thing. When it comes to social media, she feels that it is its own unique boundary that we need. Boundaries are a part of our self-identity and teach you what is important to you. Sometimes the issue with boundaries is we have difficulty connecting to them. And instead of stopping and pausing and tuning in to how you feel and what needs to change, we skip over that and end up in a place where we feel disconnected. 

In relation to social media… she says, “when you have good boundaries you have a good sense of who you are.” She describes a personal story of managing and balancing her social media time with her personal life, and let us tell you – it is relatable. Dr. Foster now utilizes her social media to be aligned with her vision and goals and not as a distraction or an escape. 

4. What can everyone change right now to shift their mindset and move towards a more wholehearted life? Her first suggestion is to, ”invest in the relationship with yourself.” We need to treat ourselves better. For example, eliminating the self-talk that is not constructive. “The language that we have with ourselves is pretty tough.” 

5.  In pivoting from health practitioner to retreat leader and mindset coach, would you say social media had a hand in allowing you to shift faster? Very much so. Social media, including Instagram, is a great opportunity to share your message and speak to your ideal audience. And she mentions that she was guilty of speaking to everyone… which of course means you are speaking to no one. By tuning in and understanding who it is she is looking to help and connect with has helped with connecting to the right people.

Laura has graciously shared a free resource with us that we can share with you! Download her free guide: 

Building Resiliency: 10 Affirmations to Help Ground You & Connect Inwards

To connect with Dr. Laura Foster, check her out on Instagram @soulinspiredgurl

Or online at https://soulinspiredgurl.com

Laura Foster “I help women find their voice, truth, values and live a life that is authentically you” get on my waitlist NOW!

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