Episode #53 | Be A Thriving Startup Amid A Pandemic

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Be A Thriving Startup Amid A Pandemic

EP53 – Be A Thriving Startup Amid A Pandemic

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Well this is a first. And an exciting first.

We interviewed 2 of our members in the Social Storytellers community.

Katrine Pearson @mod.aesthetics.ca


Adam Bezzina @pompousfoxwoodco

We really wanted to dive into what it’s like to be a new business, and how they went about continuing to thrive and hit big goals in 2020, which for many businesses was a make it or break it kind of year.

Katrine Pearson owns Mod Aesthetics, opened her doors officially in September in medical aesthetics, but prior had been a nurse for almost 20 years.

Her plans completely shifted in 2020, for obvious reasons, but really took the extra time as a gift. And decided to begin developing her services, learning how to be a business owner, and eventually saw the membership as yet again another opportunity to learn Instagram. And even before she officially opened her doors, Katrine was selling products and officially turning followers into customers! Completely inspiring!

Adam Bezzina owns Pompous Foxwood Co., officially started his venture in fall 2018 in the woodworking, and furniture building industry. He began by creating his Instagram account because he saw so many of his peers killing it on social media. And he ended this note by telling us that he was booked out with commissioned work 4 to 5 months down the road. Incredible right??

They both shared their initial goals!

Katrine, consistently, since September 5th was meeting or exceeding her goals from the moment she opened her doors.

Adam didn’t start his business with any goals back in 2020. But soon enough, began creating goals, and has been hitting massive goals. In particular, realizing who his avatar is, and being able to connect with them, has allowed his business to grow much faster.

We asked each of them to give new business owners a tip on one or two things they would need in order to succeed.

Katrine said “you must have Passion!” And we completely agree. Bringing the passion and focus to what you love will shine through.

Adam said “consistency is key”

Showing up on social media, researching his strategy on an ongoing basis, and consistent in his work.

Adam dives deeper into what he learned in the Social storyteller’s membership with regards to hashtags. And how this has been the biggest shift in his Instagram strategy.

Adam shared how surprised he was by how much content was available when he first joined. He couldn’t believe how much was there for him, and he’s looking forward to going back and rewatching the course modules. But also, being able to learn how to make his phone photos look like professional images! And in such a short period of time.

Katrine shared how quickly she realized how much of an opportunity she has to be able to sell products, even when her doors cannot be open. And by using the tools we taught in the course allowed her to pivot her business even quicker!

But she loves the coaching calls. She feels she takes more away from this every month. And also the community, and how many of the members are cheering each other on!

We shared with Adam & Katrine how much fear we had at the beginning of our business, and how we often showed up as very different versions of who we are now. Almost like a much more prim and proper version of ourselves. But how over time we stripped that away and are now much more Raw and authentic.

Katrine wanted to share how one of the best pieces of advice she received from us was collaborating with a local business and created a giveaway. And after that, she saw some big growth in her surrounding area which is where she wants to specifically grow. Adam added that how important it was to know his avatar in order to create collaborations with the right business so that the right followers find them.

To connect with Katrine or Adam:

Katrine Pearson – @mod.aesthetics.ca


Adam Bezzina – @pompousfoxwoodcI


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