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The Doors are OFFICIALLY OPEN to Join Instagram for Business – our online signature course and community!

If you’ve ever wondered what our community Q&A Coaching calls are all about? This is your sneak peal inside! In December 2020, we hosted a live Q&A publicly for anyone to join! Registrants were able to submit their questions ahead of time (much like our members do) and we tackled their questions LIVE! It’s a raw, un-cut and fast-paced episode that we know you’ll gain so much Instagram information from! What’s even better is at the end of our Q&A we opened up the chatbox and tackled more questions right on the spot!

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions, you’ll want to tune in to the full episode.

How often should I be posting on Instagram? We go into details on this but we always love to focus on creating GREAT content! 

What are some great apps to enhance photos and videos? If you’ve noticed the new features on Instagram, you’ll see that video is becoming more predominant and is something we highly recommend you dive into!

What are some good hashtags to use on Reels for photographers? We share some helpful tips that will help anyone using Instagram for Business. The hashtag struggle is real and we share some helpful suggestions to rev up your hashtag strategy. 

How can I get more followers and get more clients? Alas! The biggest question we get of all and you may be shocked by our answer. First off – we truly believe that more followers do not necessarily translate to more clients and thus more money in the bank.

What are your top three strategies for organic growth and engagement? What we loved about this question is that they included the word organic. Organic growth is still possible and can work wonders!

Should my Instagram posts be the same as my stories? Or should I be posting in stories more? We refer back to a previous episode (episode 33) on our podcast where we explain that Instagram Stories is like your reality show. To answer this question, we provide some great tips and techniques to maximize your Instagram Story strategy. 

What are your thoughts on the follow/unfollow method? Boy, do we have strong feelings about this method. To sum up, neither of us are fans of this “method” and you’ll hear why at the 35:00 minute mark. 

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out? This is a great question and we loved sharing some techniques around goal setting, Instagram strategy, theme development and relationship building. 

How do you create Reels? Reels can be 15 or 30 seconds and are a great way to connect with your audience. We share some suggestions on how to get started with your first Reels. 

Don’t miss out where we open up the questions in the chatbox!! Have a question for us? Be sure to check us out on Instagram @thesocial.focus 

Have a question for us? Check us out on Instagram @thesocial.focus @angela.s.doyon and @natcaronphoto and send us a DM! 

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