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Planning Ahead – Ep 06

Nat & Ang are still Social Distancing. But People! They are getting ahead and planning ahead.
They share their thoughts around what you can be doing with this gift of time.

Starting with the obvious, scheduling out your social media.
But also taking some time to get educated around other platforms you have been looking into. Nat is getting back on board with LinkedIn, and Ang is getting more Youtube videos created. Speaking about videos, what about making some IGTV videos.
In their social life, set up some dates with your loved ones. Including asking your kids to play with a friend thru FaceTime. Or getting on a zoom call with a group of friends or family members, and just get caught up. Mark it in your calendar! It’s something to look forward to.

Take this time to Style and take photos for your feed. Utilize this time to get creative. Get the kids involved too. But don’t forget to edit those images too. Apps like Snapseed or Lightroom presets. Nat really loves Snapseed and often teaches this to her students. On a personal note, get your photos organized on your phone. From making folders for each family member, or special events or vacations. Or get some family albums made as well. And don’t forget to back up your images now! We’ve all heard of friends who have lost everything. Don’t be that person!

Okay, we all know that email newsletters are a great way to serve and communicate with your audience and clientele. Ang talks about what Nat’s emails are like – which are nice and short and to the point. They complain about the REALLY LONG emails. They agree that there is probably lots of great information and education, but they’re just not that into it. So take into consideration how long it should be to get your message out there.
In your social life, take time to send a longer email to a family member, or write a thank you note to a friend. Nat’s son sent a happy birthday song video to his friend who just moved back to Brazil.

Decluttering is one of the best feelings – according to Ang – there’s no better feeling. Tackling big organizing jobs. Including purging and cleaning in your work environment. Brick and mortars are using this time having management still on staff to clean every single corner. Nat is doing the same thing in the studio. And Ang is all over her office
Also, don’t forget about your desktop computer. Getting files, expenses, folders, etc. organized on your computer. Update whatever needs to be updated. All of the stuff the IT department would complete. So ultimately, Think back to when you first started your business, how excited and enthusiastic you feel about your business. We utilized so much of this time keeping things organized.
At home, it’s Spring, so get your spring cleaning done. Ang is living a minimalist life for the past year. So it has been much easier in her household to remove items that just don’t belong. Nat has been cleaning out cupboards and drawers. And found a Thank you card for her 5 year olds baby shower (almost 6 years ago) that was “return to sender” that her friend had never received.

Get things around your office and home fixed. Those little things that get forgotten about. Get them done. Yard work. Painting the wall that got marked up. Hang those pictures that have been sitting on the floor. Before we get “Busy” again. Before those excuses come back.

Let’s Put this Episode Into Focus:

1. Schedule your social media, and learn a new platform
2. Schedule virtual dates with family and friends
3. Start styling and editing your own imagery for social
4. Start organizing your family photos on your phone, or make a family album
5. Focus on your email newsletter and serve your audience
6. Send an email or card to someone you love
7. Declutter your work space including your computer
8. Get ahead of your spring cleaning around your home
9. Get on top of your fixer upper list
10. Get excited about your business as if it were your first year in operation

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