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Ep07 – Resourceful Entrepreneurs Are Created Right Now

This Episode topic went back and forth between Nat & Ang, deciding if it’s a topic they should discuss. And though they feel that there is a lot of hardship right now, and this breaks their heart, they originally decided to create this platform to teach and empower business owners. So, they chose to speak about the last recession, and what people learned from it.
Nat explains and feels this is the time and the push that perhaps each of us needs to get to a whole new level personally, socially, with our children, health, wellness, and with our business.
And finally, hahaha, Ang, get’s excited about this episode.

This episode was created after a post-Nat Shared with Ang from Lewis Howes.
And truly it made them both feel quite hopeful about the future and what’s to come in the growth of many businesses currently. This was the Post:
“Startups Founded During the Last Recession:
What’sApp Inc.
Some of the most iconic companies of the next decade with be undoubtedly be launching during these surreal times”

Oh, and they Love Pinterest. Thank you, Pinterest.

Nat recalls back to the last recession. It was definitely a scary time with the banks, many people losing their homes, and lots of money for different people in different industries. Remembering a particular time where she was photographing a large group of Realtors being impacted in Toronto. But only 45 minutes outside of Toronto, the realtors in those cities were actually benefitting from the Recession – Because the residence was deciding to move out of this large city, and move to a smaller city where homes were more in their price range.
Nat explains that although yes, it affects many businesses, that even now, it doesn’t affect every single business. You need to start thinking outside the box and fill the need of NOW.

2 words they use constantly are Resourceful and Resilience.
Right now is when we are going to find out who Are the entrepreneurs and who are not. The ones that are resourceful are the ones that are going to survive. Look for the opportunity and stop getting sucked into the fear. Pivot – as per Ross Gellar.

Ang recalls back to when the last recession took place, she would not have known that it was even taking place, because she was not a business owner. She was working full time for another company. And loving what she was doing. And they never shared their cutbacks. Certain customers and clients out there are not necessarily business owners right? So they will still be spending their money.

What are the things Nat did during the last recession, and what she learned? Well, she took this time to CONNECT with people and expand her clientele. She also believes this is the time to simply check in with your clients to see How they’re doing. Not seeing if they need your service. Just see if they are okay and if there’s anything you can do to help them or spread the word about their business.

While you’re at it, ask for feedback. Or do an ask for getting a testimonial if they have some time? And now you can use this feedback or testimonial for your current marketing.
Nat explains that she is really horrible at asking clients for a testimonial. But Ang is on top of it. And it makes a huge difference using these to sell upcoming courses.

Nat explains, this is totally just an opinion, but she believes 75% of the time we should be marketing, serving, and work on your brand message. 25% selling and asking.
Ang paraphrases Jen Sincero’s book – You Are a Badass at Making Money – Money is currency – it needs to keep flowing, keep moving, like a river.
Most likely, most of you started your business on wanting to serve people.

Nat shares time in her life when she started her business. She was a single mom to a very tiny baby. She had very little. She bought second-hand clothes. She made do without so much. But she was mentally hungry to go after her dreams. And serve her clients. And honestly, she was very happy. Money is not what made her happy. It was the joy of seeing how happy her clients were. Ang talks about starting her business 2 years ago, and her biggest priority and alignment is her time with her family. These were her boundaries, and that is what fuels her.

They share why they are too bossy to have a boss. But Nat shares how there are 2 different people. Her husband, who definitely has an entrepreneurial spirit, but thrives on having a boss and mentorship. He loves his current position with his boss, who is helping guide him towards success.

Oh and get ready for it
Nat and Ang are hosting a Webinar
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Let’s put this episode into Focus:

  1. Maybe consider this is the push we needed to happen
  2. Some of the most iconic companies of the next decade with being undoubtedly be launching during these surreal times
  3. Listen to your audience
  4. Ask your clients for feedback, and use it for upcoming marketing
  5. Connect with your clients, and just see how they are doing
  6. Focus on Serving and building your brand
  7. Build a business around what makes you happy, not what makes you money
  8. Join us for our Live Webinar

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