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Invested Success Series (Part 1) Investing in a Hosted Retreat? With Special Guest, Sabrina Greer 

The Invested Success Series was created to educate you on the multitude of opportunities that are available to entrepreneurs everywhere. The question is, which one is right for you and your business? The series is fast-paced: five questions in under 25 minutes. 

In today’s episode, Nat and Ang discuss the value in a hosted retreat. They welcomed special guest, Sabrina Greer to share her experience and expertise on what a retreat is and how it can impact your professional and personal growth as well as advice on whether you should consider hosting one of your own. 

To start off, Nat and Ang reminisce about their experience that they shared at Sabrina’s recent retreat, The Boss Mama Retreat that took place this past March. 

Getting into the question round, Nat asked Sabrina, “what is a retreat?” And, “what would be the benefit of someone attending and or hosting.one?” Sabrina was very honest and candid that she felt she didn’t know what she was doing when it came to planning her own. Her background in corporate event planning, including work on the Boobie Ball and Toronto International Film Festival as well as weddings perhaps lended well to the logistical side of planning but she felt a “nudge” or as she refers to it, “a soul nudge” (a calling if you will) to host a retreat. In her words, she feels a retreat is, “meant to nourish people.” She explained the difference between big conferences or events such as a Rachael Hollis event and a retreat is that retreats offer intimacy. A small group of people meeting live in person. It is about connecting people to really feel other people’s energy. 

She also describes her intention around creating a curated experience; from the selection of speakers to connecting the attendees with the right energy. Her experience in hosting her retreat started with her working backwards. Once she identified her end goal was able to know what she did want her audience to feel, she was then able to put her plans in motion. She speaks about her intention of the event which was to bring people together to nourish their mind, their body and soul. 

Moving along, Ang mentioned that Sabrina’s retreat included a lot of valuable speakers and was curious as to how Sabrina acquired her guest speakers. Sabrina explained how she is very blessed to be connected to so many wonderful people and that she included some of her authors as she also runs a publishing company among her many other entrepreneurial pursuits. (Or in her words, she is a “serial entrepreneur”). 

She describes how her other endeavours have always been focused on mothers and helping mothers, “birth their business babies” (not to be confused with assisting them to birth actual babes! Through her work with many women, she has been able to build a solid community and was able to tap into that community to enlist speakers for her retreat. 

She also suggested that for those who may not already have a network to pull from for speakers, to look for heart-centred business owners, as they are typically the ones that always want to help. She recommends being mindful of how you approach and to be clear on what your intention and vision is before you solicit their time. Reach out to those that would support you in your vision. Sabrina remarks that in business, “if you have a vision; an unshakeable vision that you are not willing not waiver from, then you won’t take no for an answer.” Whether it be through manifesting (yes, we mention a little woo) but if you stick to your vision, and it is powerful enough, the right people (or speakers) will join you. From here, Nat couldn’t help but reference Field of Dreams and asked, “so if you build it, they will come?” To which after a laugh, Sabrina agreed and responded referencing Nike, saying, “just do it.” 

Sabrina goes on to explain that she began her retreat planning to fall in line with International Women’s Day, which meant she only had three months to plan. She had her vision and it was set in her mind. Through the conversation you can tell that she is grateful she didn’t waiver from her vision, as if she had planned the retreat to be a week earlier, she would have been faced with awful weather (thanks to winter in Canada) and if she had waited for host it a week later, the retreat would not have happened thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Moving into feedback from her recent retreat, Nat asked what attendees had to say about their experience. Sabrina shared that it was all positive and funnily enough, the biggest issue of the day was running out of non-dairy coffee creamer and not having a box of tissues for all the women who were really touched and tearful during the retreat. 

Sabina also mentions that she felt very protective of the energy in the group. Not just for the speakers but for attendees. She made it difficult for ‘just anyone’ to purchase a ticket. She avoided advertising and marketing and solely relied on social media to promote the event and personally reaching out. She felt that should one person be in attendance with the wrong type of energy, that the event could have been thrown off. 

The intimate platform of her retreat included a lot of sharing on personal levels and she wanted to ensure that everyone in attendance had come with an open mind, with no judgements and no mom-guilt. She mentions that retreats are opportunities to let down your guard, or pull back from the walls we use to guard ourselves. Even though that can leave one vulnerable, she explains that being vulnerable is how we can receive. And goes on to mention that retreats (although can be intimate and vulnerable) is not a therapy session. Her retreat was filled with strong, powerful women…sharing their truth. 

The conversation moves on and Ang asks, what would be one piece of advice in terms of logistics in organizing and planning this and what would you change? Sabrina’s first response was the importance of building credibility. She recognized that her first retreat needed to be really strong in order to build up that credibility. Although she felt she may have overspent on budget, she was still not willing to waiver from her vision and the experience she wanted to provide. She did note that there would be a lot of value in enlisting the support of sponsors as opposed to the direct exchange of money towards logistics required to run the event such as food, venue, gift bags, etc. She goes on to mention that the event was also a business investment. The videographer and photographer she hired is part of her business and the investment in those services can be used down the road for future marketing collateral for her next retreat. Nat, Ang and Sabrina all recognized that those items are investments and that is important for any business. Cheekishly, Ang decided to also quote, Field of Dreams by saying, “Go the distance.” 

To wrap up the interview questions, Nat addressed the current global situation amongst the COVID-19 pandemic and how Sabrina has adapted or had to pivot her business. In response to the current landscape where we are unable to physically get together; Sabrina recently transferred her in-person retreat to an online community with The Boss Mama Summit. An online summit running from Wednesday, April 1 – Friday, April 3, 2020. The summit is comprised of 30-plus speakers ( ten speakers per day). Day one is all about positive lifestyle including speakers like Mona Sharma addressing nutrition as well as discussions on positive parenting. Day two is all about mindset, which yes, includes the woo; mindset, meditations, affirmations, etc. And day three is all about productivity. The intention of the event is to create an online community that’s online-based and can recreate the energy that was developed at her in-person retreat. It’s filled with guidance and giving people inspiration. Each talk is thirty minutes and is available to access via Sabrina’s website HERE and tickets are $49 and once purchased, attendees have access for sixty days post-summit days. $2 from every ticket is going to Mamas for Mamas (a Kelowna BC-based charity) and 100% of the remaining proceeds will be going back into the community via grants. 

More about Sabrina Greer: On Instagram @ygtmama To Register for the Boss Mama Summit click HERE Online www.ygtmama.com Sabrina Greer is Mama to three young boys, a fur-baby and a dozen chickens. It wasn’t long ago though, that she was exhausted and completely overwhelmed by the invisible load of motherhood and pressure to contribute financially to the family. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she decided it was not an option to go back to her nearly ten-year corporate career after maternity leave. Her background in developmental psychology and education made coaching and course creation an easy transition. Since achieving her post-graduate certifications in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) she has helped hundreds of tired and overwhelmed mamas, discover the joy in the madness and clarity in the chaos through a series of methods that have been tested and proven by Sabrina herself. Now a 4x best selling author, serial entrepreneur and podcast host. She manages her many hats with pure joy from her 70-acre, rural property in the woods. Sabrina is passionate about helping other moms, with a fire in their belly, birth their brain babies and share their stories. She is the Founder and CEO of YGTMama Inc an organic community-based organization that helps moms discover their passions and more importantly monetize their passions and create their dream life. 

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