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Nat & Ang get into what the Social Focus Podcast will be about, who they are, and what it’s like to run their business while leading our family and social life.

Nat is a mom of 3 boys, wife to Brent, and has run a photography studio for 18 years. In 2018 she began teaching live workshops to business owners on how to create content for Social Media, and strategies on how to grow on their fit platform.

Ang is a mom of 1 handsome boy, wife to Mike, and a Social Stylist, working with businesses to create scenes/curated images that fit with their brand for their marketing material, and mainly for Social Media content. Worked in the hospitality industry, marketing, and then transitioned into the event and wedding industry. But ultimately went back to her passion for marketing and creating.

How they met: Will their stories match?
Nat tells a story about the day they met at the golf course Ang was working at, where Ang was the wedding planner. Nat was HUGE and 8 months pregnant. And describes Ang as this gorgeous, poised, eloquent woman.
Ang can’t remember a specific day. But remembers Nat just being around a lot. And knew she loved how organized and pulled together it was to work together.
Ang also remembers a Holiday/gratitude gift Nat gave her, that she still has to this day!
They continued to work together through the wedding industry and kept in touch!

Then one day…..
Nat ran into Ang at her part-time gig:
Nat “I’ve been thinking of you. Would you ever be interested in working with me to style shoots?”
Ang “Fuck ya! No clue what you actually need, but YAH!”
And then magic was created! It was easy! It was the most fun! So many dirty jokes and F-Bombs were said. And we knew we had something special. Like literally becoming Business BFFs

We are here to Educate. Entertain. And Empower!

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